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See A Face In The Pic? Wait, You Have This Psychological Disorder

When you look at the sky do you see faces after a point of time? This happens to all of us. But do you know that this can be a disorder as well?

If you are also able to see faces when staring into blank space or at some object, then you may be suffering from a psychological disorder known as pareidolia.

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Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon in which the mind responds to a stimulus by perceiving a familiar pattern where none exists in the actual scenario.

See A Face In The Pic? Wait, You Have This Psychological Disorder

Nearly everyone has experienced pareidolia, but most people have never heard of it. So, check these images out and understand the seriousness of the condition.


This Condition Is A Psychological Phenomenon

Pareidolia is known to be a psychological phenomenon in which the researchers claim that the mind responds to a stimulus by perceiving a familiar pattern where none exists in the actual scenario. Pareidolia is the imagined perception of a pattern or meaning where it does not actually exist.

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Where Do You Find These Images?

If you are finding a face out of a knotted tree trunk or see animals or any human faces in the clouds, you should be worried about. People, who are able to see faces in various things and spaces, are believed to have a much higher level of intelligence as compared to the ones who can't see it.


This Condition Is Not Harmful

This psychological condition is not harmful to anyone but if a person often sees scary and dreadful faces, then it is believed that the person is facing various problems. Sometimes, it can be due to the person going through anxiety attacks.


It Is A Result Of How The Brain Works

Pareidolia occurs as a result of how the brain works. One area of the brain called the right fusiform face area which is specialised to process the true faces gets activated when people see a face pattern inside noise.


Women Are Said To Suffer More

Women are more likely to suffer from this condition than men. The actual reason as to why pareidolia affects women is still unsure, as studies suggest that an evolutionary purpose may have been behind women's higher tendency for being affected by this condition.


Neurotic People See Better

Researchers say that women are physically weaker than men, and this could be the reason they are more sensitive to meaningful stimuli within the noise, better enabling them to detect predators in a forest. It is believed that neurotic people tend to see meaningful patterns that aren't actually there because they tend to be less emotionally stable than others.

Sounds interesting, right? Check the below images and let us know if you could find a face as well!

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