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A Perfect Gift Guide For Each Zodiac Sign!

With festive season around the corner, there is a lot of time and money that get invested on gifts for the loved ones.

Do you know that gift choices can be based on our zodiac signs? Here's an extensive gift guide that could help you learn more about the best gift that would be suitable for a person based on Zodiac.

If you are running out of ideas, this gift guide can come in handy to help you select the best of gifts for your loved ones based on their zodiac signs.

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Also, mentioned are details to how to analyse a person based on the gift you receive from a person of a particular zodiac sign.

So, check it out...


When It Is From An Aries Person

Aries people are known to be quite impulsive, impatient and hasty. They won't remember to get a gift until the last minute or sometimes longer. Their gifts are mostly spontaneous, romantic and certainly not hard-fisted

When You Gift An Arian

For an Aries person, the price of the gift is not important, but the quality is. But at the same time, these people do not want any meaningless trinket that will be left to dust on a shelf somewhere. The perfect gift would be a mirror in a golden frame - if he/she is very vain.

Beware, people of this sign hate antique and old junk and demand that his/her present be wrapped in a shiny paper!

When A Taurus Person Gifts

They are generally frugal, but are also careful analyzers. A gift from a Taurus person is usually appropriate and necessary.

Gifting A Taurus Person

He/she would appreciate a luxurious dinner in a respected restaurant or a full day in a beauty salon or spa. An everyday item makes Taurus happier than tasteless and expensive art. You could gift them precious stones, CDs, art and gardening tools, weaved baskets or even books about natives.

Getting A Gift From A Gemini

Since people from this sign are resourceful and multi-talented, they sometimes decide to make a gift with their own hands. You're very lucky if one of them bothers to spend their precious time on a gift to you! They would not mind finding you a perfect gift from a department store even if it takes a longer time.

Gifting A Gemini Person

Gifting a Gemini is a great puzzle. Fidgety Gemini's wishes are believed to change even before they have found out what their last wish was. A perfect gift to a Gemini has to be like a bag of potato chips that can easily satisfy the senses fast but has no nutritive value.

If you wish to give Gemini a picture, then frame it yourself, as he/she won't have the time to do it. Don't bother with wrapping the gift.

Getting A Gift From A Cancer

Cancer people won't mind spending a fortune on gifts for their loved ones, but for strangers he/she can be quite stingy.

Gifting A Cancerian

They may deeply be offended if the gift doesn't come from the heart or if the gift was picked up in a rush. It's always more important to consider his/her wishes rather than the price. Cancer will be offended to tears if the gift somehow points to a flaw that he/she believes to have. Cancer will be happy if you give him/her an antique candle stick holder, or an exciting book which is all about the power of intuition or jewellery for his/her pet. Teddy bears, puppies, kittens and... a small flower-pot of herbs or a romantic crystal platter would also be of liking.

Receiving A Gift From A Leo

Receiving or giving gifts is an issue of great importance to these guys. Leo starts to think about it early on and the happiness of the receiver is always a priority. Most of the time over-spending can be a problem, as giving gifts is an opportunity for them to show off their grandiose nature.

Gifting A Leo

Anything can be gifted to a Leo as long as it's stylish and/or expensive. Luxurious package with carefully picked details is also important. Festivity, romance and even sentimentality in presenting the gift creates more value for a Leo. They always hint at what he/she likes. Pay close attention, or he/she won't think much of you!

Getting A Gift From A Virgo

As these guys are decent, hard working and frugal, they start thinking about gifts early. They never forget anybody.

Gifting A Virgo

Since Virgo is considered to be conservative, they would not be happy if they find an indecent present. Bath & spa sets, table cloths and shawls are some of the nice gifts. Anything that has something to do with his/her hobbies and activities will be gratefully received.

Receiving A Gift From A Libra

Libra guys are known to give quite unique gifts. When they lack the time to choose gifts carefully, then the most meaningless gifts can be expected from them.

Gifting A Libra

They are known for their refined taste and love of beauty. They like perfumes, clothes and jewellery. There is no way a Libra will be happy about a gift that doesn't match his/her taste, no matter how expensive it is. Libras are cute and sweet and never do anything frightening. Books, pastel colours and porcelain figurines bind their interest. Two beautiful candle stick holders, silver photo frames or twin book holders will delight women born under this sign. Or even an elegant watch or dinner at an exclusive restaurant will surely appeal to both the sexes.

Receiving A Gift From A Scorpio

Since they are good decision makers, they may find buying a gift truly challenging. They tend to be forgetful and become victims of advertisers while picking out a gift.

Gifting A Scorpio

Gifts to these guys can be small and inexpensive, it can't be predictable. The more mysterious, the better! Photo equipment, picture frames, pictures, glass and stained glass items, videos are good gift ideas. Scorpio values everything mystical, e.g., books about occultism, alchemy, witchcraft and graphology.

Receiving A Gift From A Sagittarius

As these guys are impatient and active, they do not like to be involved in buying gifts and leave that to someone else. If they do not have a choice, then they ask the person what they want!

Gifting A Sagittarius

These guys love motion and freedom. A trip, day at a spa, or bicycle or even rockets and a bus ticket to another city to visit a friend are all equally good choices. The gift has to be for him/her personally and must have something to do with his/her interests. Sports equipment and small gadgets are good options.

Receiving Gifts From A Capricorn

They should attempt to make gifts himself/herself, as the gift may not come out very practical, but interesting, nevertheless. They think about the future so if he/she can afford it, he/she may give you a precious stone or fine art.

Gifting A Capricorn

They appreciate everything that makes his/her home look nice. Be it bronze or copper candle stick holders, or the handicraft and jewellery are always better choices than plaster elves and rockets. Perfume should save a hopeless situation. Anything that has a stamp of class and good breeding on it will also be appreciated. Gifts should be practical as well as beautiful.

Receiving From An Aquarius

Unconventional and innovative, Aquarius can make versatile choices of gifts as most of them have a good taste and sense of style. For his/her family, they may choose gifts which are conservative in their own way.

Gifting An Aquarius

A book, or a notebook or even a writing set would work if you're in a hurry. A small tool or a knitting set for the handicraft oriented is something that would be highly appreciated. Astronomy is usually very popular with Aquarians, so telescopes are likely to be a very popular gift.

Receiving A Gift From Pisces

As these guys are emphatic and artistic, they are mostly wonderful gift givers. Their impracticality is not a problem here.

Gifting A Pisces

A gift for Pisces has to do with emotions. They like concert tickets, a family heirloom, and silver items. The emotional connection with the giver is also of great importance to them. They love soft fabrics. An indoor water fountain or a basket full of seashells and pebbles would make for a wonderful gift.

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