The Mysterious Case Of A Woman Who Is 24 Years Old & Looks Like A Toddler!

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Generally, when a kid is born, the parents wish everything goes well and the kid is born healthy. But this does not happen in all the cases. Due to different complications some of the babies are born different.

This is a story of Sari Rezita Ariyanti and her life struggles. She is not a toddler, but is a 24-year-old woman! Check out her true story below.

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Sari just weighs 20 kg and is 87 cm. She struggles to communicate verbally and only her mother can understand her.

Check out on what happened to her and how this woman still manages to smile despite her struggles...


She Looks Like A Toddler...

When a person would look at Sari Rezita Ariyanti, the first thing that would strike their mind is that she looks like an average three year old.


However, She Is 24 Years Old...

Sari is unable to walk and has to rely on her relatives to push her around in a wheelchair. She is unable to speak even or walk, but still has a constant smile on her face.


Her Condition Was Not Known Initially...

Her mother claimed that she did not even realise about her daughter's condition until she turned two years old. When she was diagnosed with the condition, it was too late and it was difficult to be treated then.

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She Loves Doing These Things...

Just like any other woman, she enjoys having her nails painted and putting on lipstick.


Her Body Functions Like An Adult

Even though she looks like a toddler and has a body that is really small, it functions like an adult, as she even gets her monthly periods.

Check out her inspiring video below...

We wish her luck and would hope for her to stay healthy always. Do share your thoughts and comments in the comment section below on this.

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