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Woman Who Spent 16 Crores On Her Surgeries!

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When a youngster gets bullied, it changes and affects his/her life in the worst way possible, unless he/she has somebody who can help him/her recover from it.

One such case is of Star Delguidice who is 28 years old. She rose to fame after undergoing 200 surgeries and is currently swearing to never stop experimenting with her looks, as her dad had apparently told her she was UGLY!

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Here are the details of Star Delguidice who spent over 16 crores to get this look!


She Started At The Age Of 17

She was just 17 years old when she underwent her first surgery. She wanted to look like a Barbie Doll and was not confident of her looks, as her dad taunted her for being fat and ugly!


Her Inspiration Was 'JLO'

After being bullied by her own dad, she decided to enhance her beauty through a surgery. Since she was a die-hard fan of the famous celeb, Jennifer Lopez, it did not take much time for her to decide on undergoing the different kinds of surgeries. She did most of them to enhance her facial features.


You Name The Surgery & She Has Got It Done!

From undergoing liposuction to breast enhancement, to cheek implants or even a jaw transformation, you name the surgery, and she has got all of them done! The number count of surgeries has reached 200 and still counting.


She Has Even Changed Her Name!

It is not only surgeries that she has undergone to look different, she claims that she has even changed her name to ‘Star' after the plastic surgery. She did all of it to come out of her bad childhood memories, as from a tender age of 10 years she had to bear with the ill effects of her parent's divorce and separation.

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Her Journey

Since she went through a bad childhood, Dalguidice found it difficult to make real friends despite changing many schools during her childhood. She never trusted or made friends easily.


She Wanted To Look Perfect!

Her only intention and aim in life was to look the best from every angle. To sponsor her surgeries costs, she took up a job as a pole dancer, with which she started raising funds for her plastic surgery. Later, she started working with some property which allowed her to save enough of money.


She Hated When People Compared Her To Her Mum

She hated when people said that she used to look like her mum. The very thought of looking like her mum petrified her and hence she decided to undergo drastic surgeries to look completely different.


Her Current State...

After having a disturbing childhood and undergoing so many surgeries, Dalguidice's life seems to be perfect now, as she has saved enough of money to pay the rent of her house. Apart from this, her entire house is full of designer clothes and other expensive items.


She Revealed In An Interview...

She said, "Most people don't understand my addiction to surgery but Star is the new me. I don't associate myself with my past and being Stacey." Today, she spends a whopping amount every month for lip filters, acrylic nails, makeup and skin care products.

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Story first published: Friday, December 22, 2017, 18:06 [IST]
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