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Weird Things Guys Do When They’re Alone

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What do men generally do when they are alone? Well, when nobody is seeing, the crazy side of a human being tends to come out and this is exactly what happens to men too.

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Their crazy side comes out and so they do crazy things. Some men stand in front of the mirror and flex their muscles to feel like a superman. Some men keep dancing for hours together in weird ways.

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Some men sing songs whereas some keep looking at naked pictures for hours together. Some men daydream about their girlfriends whereas some men start trying random numbers in a hope to bump into some woman! Read on to know the rest...


They Measure

Though they clearly know that somethings don't grow after an age, they still feel like measuring their size when they're alone.


They Hate Closing Doors

They seldom close the door of the bathroom when they're alone.


They Watch Lots Of...

Of course, they tend to watch some kinky, crazy stuff when they're alone.


They Day Dream

Men would love to day dream about saving others and doing heroic things and feeling like a superman.


They Burn The Kitchen

Men surely make a mess in the kitchen when they're alone. They try some dish and burn all the dishes.


They Drink Till They Fall

They binge drink when they're all alone at home.


They Call Friends Home

They drink and dance like there is no tomorrow with their buddies.


Some Men Plan One Night Stands...

Yes, some men call their girlfriends home when there is nobody else around.


Some Men Cry...

Yes, the society expects men to act like supermen; so they can't cry in front of others. When they're alone, some men vent it out and cry for hours to wash their hearts out.

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