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This Girl Had A 5-Feet-Long Hairball In Her Stomach!!

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There are so many people out there who have some or the other weird habit. Be it the food intake or a casual habit, there are many such habits that simply give rise to disturbing things that can be found in a human's body that can raise ones eyebrows.

There have been so many cases of people getting into the limelight due to their weird and bizarre habits.

Here, in this article, we are about to share a case of a 15-year-old girl who developed one of the most bizarre habit of eating her own hair. YES!! This may sound quite shocking but it was the biggest hairball to be found in humans ever.

This condition is known as "Rapunzel Syndrome" and it almost killed the girl. Find out more about the deadly habit of eating hair that got this girl into trouble.

Read on to find out more.


How It Started...

The girl named Kavita Kumari developed this weird habit of swallowing strands of hair since a year.


It Got Severe Day By Day...

She got so addicted to her new disgusting habit that she started chewing on her friend's hair as well. Every time she was hungry, she would chew some hair. Yeah, sounds absolutely gross!!

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Health Issues Started Cropping Up...

She used to often complain of abdominal pain and every time she was forcefully fed, she would throw up ultimately. This was due to the interest she had lost for eating healthy food.


Her Condition Deteriorated...

Once her stomach started swelling, her parents rushed her to the hospital for treatment. Her condition only deteriorated.


Doctors Found The Culprit...

Her parents revealed to the doctors that the girl had a weird habit of eating her own hair. On examination, the doctors found a huge hairball in her stomach, which was found to be one of the most disturbing things in a human body.


Parents Were Told About The Consequences...

Since her condition was really bad, the doctors had made her parents be mentally prepared about the consequences about the girl's survival chances, as she had bleak chances of survival.


Finally The Girl Was Operated...

The doctors knew about the hairball, but they did not expect it to be this massive. It took 2 complete hours to finish the operation and it was successful.


It Was Measured...

When finally the doctors measured the hairball, it is said to have been of over 5-feet in length. Finally, Kavita is on the recovery road now. We only wish she does not start this weird habit of hers again!!

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