Things You Should Never Ever Google

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When we are asked not to do something, that is when we decide for sure on doing it. If we are asked not to Google something, then that's the first thing we'd probably do.

In this article, we are here to share some of the words and things that you should never, we mean NEVER, Google.

These words can give you nightmares and can shake you off completely when you see what exactly it means on Google.

We bet, the moment you read these words, the next thing you'll do is Google them, right? After all, we all are curious creatures and would want to know about these interesting words.

Though we assure you that we are not including words that are sexual, gory or insanely horrific, yet these words will freak you out for sure. So, read on to know more about the words that you should never ever Google..


Clock Spider

If you are a person who has "arachnophobes", then it's better you'd avoid searching for this term, as it shows us all the creepy spiders that there are in the world. Ewwww!



This term has surprisingly upsetting number of visuals. These images describe fear of objects with clusters of small holes. Thank god these images are only photo-shopped! But man, we bet you are going to get scared.

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"Bear" by Marian Engel

This was the best-selling novel released in the year 1976. In this novel, it describes of a girl making love to a bear. I mean, how can you even imagine something as gross as this!


Any Medical Symptom

Never ever do this, as you will end up in getting depressed, as all the symptoms lead only to cancer. Not worth Googling for medical symptoms, my friend.


Wet Koala

This image of a wet koala will scare the S**T out of you! But take a deep breathe, as it is just a photo-shopped image.

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Peanut, The World's Ugliest Dog

Do not scold me for this one! Well, yes, this dog is quite scary and ugly to look at! Do Google it, as we are not sharing it here!


Bedbugs On Mattress

Okay, whoever had the guts to Google search this image should be awarded.
Let's not even talk about it now, guys!


Skin Condition

You do not have to be specific in this, as Google shares a wide range of images that you can choose from and we bet, these are certain things that you would never want to come across with in your life!

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