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Strange Things That Happened After Ban Of Currency

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With a sudden ban in currency notes, the world went upside down for Indians. Worst affected are the middle and the lower income class of people, as they have found a few difficulties in going about with their daily life. However, what's more important for us is the fight against corruption.

This Happened After Ban Of Currency!

There have been many strange things that have been happening after the currency ban of 500 and 1000 notes in India. There are people who are standing in long queues to collect the money from ATMs, while a few are cribbing about the non-availability of cash.

 collect the money

These are the people who love to create nuisance even when there is nothing good for them to do. Though every Indian is proud of the initiative that has been taken by Mr. Modi, there are those too who are trying hard to find a loophole in this move.

Check out some of the strangest things that have been happening after the currency ban.

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This was a desperate attempt by two robbers who wanted some cash. They robbed a person and when they realised that he had only 500 notes with him, they apparently slapped him before walking away! To hell with such people!


Sacks Of Burnt Notes Found!
This happened on the very night of the ban. There were reports of people finding sacks of money being burnt or left unattended. We're sure the people who have black money are still shedding blood tears!

Sacks Of Burnt Notes Found!

Official Busted!
Once a robber, always a robber! And a government official just proved that right. A government official was apparently demanding cash in only 100rs notes as bribe! WTF!! Good that he was caught!

Official Busted!

Woman Committed Suicide!
A farmer's wife who had sold a part of her land thought that the money she'd got after selling the land was valueless, hence she hung herself! Damn!


Weddings Have Been Postponed
With the sudden ban in cash, there is a delay in the weddings, as the caterers, flower vendors and many other things that are related to the wedding functions have come to a standstill with no availability of resources.

Weddings Have Been Postponed

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Woman Stripped To Protest!
We wonder what type of protest this was! A woman who was standing in the long queue was frustrated and hence stripped down her shirt in protest! She was arrested and later released after the police questioned her for this bizarre action of hers!



Food & Beverage Offered!
The food industry is strategically advertising by offering people free coffee and pizzas from their branded outlets. Now, this is a smart move we must say! Whether rain or shine, business profits is always on some people's mind!


Food & Beverage Offered!
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