Strange And Interesting Facts About Gold

By: Debdatta Mazumder
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Gold! The word is enough to bring glitter to your eyes, specially if you're a lady. Throughout the world, this metal is widely accepted for making ornaments. It stands for wealth, luxury and glamour. How wonderful you will look with a gorgeous neck-piece!

An elegant pendant and earrings can also enhance your beauty more than ever. The goldsmiths, throughout the world, are coming with lucrative designs and are stealing a women’s heart.

There are many people to whom gold is a piece of investment that protects them in case of their economic instability. However, these are all common information about gold. Do you know there are more than 8 strange facts about gold?

The word 'gold’ has been derived from an old English world called 'geolu’. It means yellow. Isn’t it one of the interesting facts to know about gold?

You already are aware about the currency values of gold throughout the world, but you will be surprised to know that people of earth are dealing with only 20% of the gold that is available in this world.

The rest 80% is still buried under the earth's surface and is very difficult to recover. There are lots of other fascinating facts about gold that you may not know or be aware of.

Here are 8 strange facts about gold that you should know. So, mesmerise yourself and read on to know more.


1.Gold Wears Off:

There are many people who like to wear any gold ornament always. They consider it as a good luck charm. But, do you know, if you constantly wear it, 6 milligrams of gold is ribbed of each year?


2.Used In Treatment:

Through chemical process, gold is liquefied and injected into the veins of people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. The success rate is almost 70%. What a strange fact about gold! Isn't it?


3.Rare Metal:

While talking about unknown facts about gold, you should know that it is one of the rarest metals found on the surface of the earth. How? It is more difficult to find one-ounce of pure gold nugget than a five-carat diamond.


4.Heavy Metal:

When you wear a neck-piece or an earring, did you feel it heavy? Maybe not. But one cubic foot of gold is equal to half a ton. The largest gold bar that was found in this world weighed about 551 lbs or 250 kg.


5.Resides Under The Ocean:

There is about 25 tons of gold in every cubic mile of an ocean. Allover, it is 10 billion of gold that can be found under an ocean of this earth's surface. But, these areas are still impenetrable. Consider it among the 8 strange facts about gold.


6.Eat It:

What can be the strangest fact among the 8 strange facts about gold? Gold is actually an edible metal. There are lots of high-end restaurants throughout the world that come up with delicious dishes where gold flakes are used to add to the visual appeal.


7.Found Everywhere:

The world presents a variety of species of animals and plants. But, it is gold that is same everywhere. And you will be surprised to know that it is found in all the seven continents.


8.Not Native To Earth:

To culminate the list of 8 strange facts about gold, this can't be ignored. Did you know that gold is alien to planet earth? Yes, it is not a native of this planet. 200 millions year ago, gold landed on the earth's surface with some meteorites.

If you dig deep, you will find more strange facts about gold. You wear gold on your body, but you may not know till now that your body, mainly blood, contains about 0.2 milligrams of gold. It's impossible to think of life without gold, right?

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