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Interesting Facts About Birthstones


Birthstones are a prized possession of many Indians. There are more than a million people who are seen wearing their birthstones. It is strongly believed that wearing your birthstone will bring you luck, keep you healthy and, above all, protect you from harm. But, how far is all this true? If you believe that birthstones have the power to bring you these three elements, you should wear it in some way or the other!

On one hand, according to research, it is said that these birthstones have some facts behind it which is not known to many. These interesting facts about your birthstones will leave you shocked.


You might be aware that throughout the centuries, mankind has assigned special properties to inanimate objects. One such example are birthstones, which are considered as lucky charms. These birthstones are often seen as a means of control in an uncertain world.

Wearing your birthstone is said to improve physical and mental conditions. But, according to legends, those who wear their birthstone can expect certain magical qualities from the stone.

Take a look at some of the most interesting facts about your birthstone according to your date of birth.


January – Garnet

The interesting fact about your birthstone garnet is this - the wearer will always be protected from nightmares. It is also believed that wearing a garnet will help you find true love.


February – Amethyst

The wearer of this birthstone will have beautiful hair and skin - something every woman would love to have! It is also said that an amethyst stone ensures peace and helps you remain calm at all times.


March – Aquamarine

This is one of the most interesting facts about the birthstone Aquamarine. It is believed that if you sleep with the stone under your pillow it will ensure a good night's sleep without nightmares.


April – Diamond

It is said that this stone is a result of lightning striking the earth! Did you know this interesting fact about your birthstone, diamond?


May – Emerald

Want to know what your future will be like? If yes, wear an emerald stone on you. This is one of the most interesting facts about this birthstone. It helps one to have an intuition about the future.


June – Pearl

A bride should wear this birthstone on her wedding day. A strange and cool fact about the birthstone pearl is that it brings a bride happiness if worn on the day she weds.


July – Ruby

Being the second most powerful stone after diamond, it is a known cool fact that rubies tend to have emit a strong energy on a full moon day.


August – Peridot

Are you an adventurous person? If so, make sure to wear a Peridot on you at all times. It is believed that this birthstone protects the wearer from disasters.


September – Sapphire

If your birthstone is a Sapphire, you are in luck, especially if you are a student. Make utter use of your birthstone, Sapphire, as it will give you immense luck during examinations.


October – Opal

The cool fact about your birthstone opal is that it helps you find friends and never lets you stay alone in this world.


November - Yellow Topaz

The most interesting fact about yellow topaz is this - it makes you invisible when it comes to danger! Legend also says that the topaz also protects you from insanity.


December - Blue Topaz

You would have seen that people who wear the blue topaz are generally very spiritual in nature. It is an interesting fact about the blue topaz birthstone!

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