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Sexual Fantasies Of Both Men And Women

When it is all about making love, we often think of something that is out of the box. We are here to share about some of the sexual fantasies that most of us have.

Everybody has a kinky side, which is not known to the world, and it is seen sometimes only by our partners. But, do you even realise that there are many sexual fantasies that both men and women have.

Yup, these are some of the most wildest desires that both men and women are interested in; however, we are too shy to usually discuss on this with the people we know, except our partners.

Find out about the most interesting and crazy fantasies that most of us have. We bet, some of these fantasies are something that you have heard of or have even imagined yourself, and it is something that is just not wrong.

These points are somethings that have cropped up when we asked a few people about their wildest fantasies. Read on to know more about these crazy fantasies that one can even imagine.



Many individuals feel romantically linked to their partner they are making love to, and they even feel the peak of their emotions when they fantasise about receiving oral sex.



Did you know that both men and women love to fantasise about experiencing group love-making session at some point of time. When a man's choice is considered, he prefers playing an active role in the game.

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It is generally noted that women love to fantasise about making love in a pool or bushes or in any location that can give them a kick, as they are more focussed on the setting or the surroundings in their fantasies.



It is widely believed that men fantasise about watching their partners making love with other people, whereas women do not get excited or even think of seeing their partner with anybody else.

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This is something out of the box. A research proves that women fantasise about making love with people whom they do not have any romantic or sexual relationships with when compared to men.



It is a common fantasy of a male to have a threesome with two women or to watch two lesbians making out.



Women love the thought of being dominant on bed when the man is below them. They love to have foreplay actions by fantasising of tying their partner to the bed and seducing them.



This sounds absurd, but it is a fantasy that most women have. They love to have rape fantasies. But, here is a twist, they like and enjoy the game only when the man is more attractive and desirable and that he should be able to make her get an orgasm.



The women who love to have rape fantasies also fantasise about taking charge of their man and forcing him to make love against his will.



Peeping toms are something that we all have heard of. But, do you know that it is one of the sexual fantasies of both men and women? Well, it is a common fantasy for men when compared to women though.

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