Riddles Which Prove That You Have A Dirty Mind

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Sometimes, during serious situations too, we all have that one pervert friend who will burst out laughing, as he/she would imagine something totally weird about any regular situation, thanks to their dirty mind always at work. They will always think of things from a dirty perspective.

We often experience that the people with a dirty mind are the best ones to hang around with. They make the situation more interesting and interactive with their crazy side.

Therefore, in this article, we are here to share some of the riddles which will prove that you have a dirty mind. We're sure you're gonna have a hearty laugh by the end of this post.

Read on to know more about these interesting riddles that will actually blow your mind off when you see the answers to each one of them.

These funny riddles will make you think long and hard enough for sure.. lolzz.. :)

1. "I come in different sizes and shapes. Sometimes I do leak, but when you blow me,it feels awesome. Who Am I"?

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2. What is long and hard and has "CUM" in it?
ANS: Cucumber!

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3. You spread me before you eat me. Your tongue gets me off. Sometimes people chew my nuts. What am I?
ANS: Peanut Butter!

 Peanut Butter!
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4. "I have a stiff shaft. I can penetrate through you easily. I come with a quiver. Who am I"?
ANS: An Arrow

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5. I go in hard and come out soft. I don't mind when you blow me. Who am I?
ANS: Bubblegum

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6. What is it that gets longer when you pull it. It fits snugly between breasts, and slides neatly into a hole. It can choke people when it is used incorrectly, and it works well when jerked?
ANS: Seatbelt

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7.When you ask me to go in, I cause some pain. I fill your holes when you ask me to do. I also ask you spit, and not swallow. What am I?
ANS: A Dentist!!

 A Dentist!!
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We sure you enjoyed these set of riddles. If you have any questions or riddles to share with us then do comment in the section below.

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