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Odd Situations That Were Least Expected

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Sometimes, things happen at the most unexpected times. And experiencing or going through the most unexpected things can make you either happy or sad.

Here, in this article, we've shared about a list of the most unexpected odd situations that you can least expect to happen. These are the things that have happened and are for true.

Sometimes, when you think that you had planned something else and were certain about the outcome, things may work in a totally different way than in the way you'd imagined.

After all, life is a twist and turn of events which the human nature is totally unaware of.

It can make you either happy or sad. Some of these stories can make you laugh, while a few can amaze you with something that is least expected.

Read on to find out more about the most odd situations that we can least expect. Find out more about these interesting odd situations, here.


Fish Farts

During 1980's, the Swedish Navy had detected some sounds underwater. They assumed it to be of the Russian Navy guarding the other side. There was a lot of tension and chaos that was escalated between the two countries. But the catch was hilarious when the researchers discovered that the sounds were actually from the fishes and their farts! Well, who could have expected that!


Robot Couple

This is something impossible. A couple had been running a restaurant 24/7 a day and had managed to work continuously without taking a break. Later, when people got to the depth of the issue, it was found that the restaurant was run by two pairs of twins who had married each other.

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A Fake Moon Rock

A fake moon rock was presented as a gift to the Prime Minister of Netherlands in 1969. Researchers claim that it is nothing but a piece of wood that was designed that way. The piece is still on a display in a museum.

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Water Battle

Fiji water ran an ad in 2006 which claimed that "It is called Fiji because it's not bottled in Cleveland". In return, Cleveland authorities were upset and did a little research and gave a statement that the tap water from Cleveland was much better and was cleaner when compared to the bottled water from Fiji.


The Fake Old Man

Officials in Tokyo wanted to congratulate the oldest man in the city who was supposed to have turned 111 years. When the authorities reached the family, they found a 30-year-old skeleton and his family was still getting money from his pension.


Grated Umbrellas

A man was arrested in Italy when customers complained about the quality of the cheese that he was selling. When the cops checked it, they found it to be nothing but grated umbrella handles.


The Grim Reaper

This sounds funny, yet is sad. In 1961, three people died in a British retiree home. The cause of death is said to be the sighting of "The Grim Reaper" whom they had seen on the window of the house. Later, it was revealed that one of the retiree was dressed like the reaper and was walking around in the garden area.

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Story first published: Monday, July 18, 2016, 10:50 [IST]
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