International Womens Day 2016: Do You Know The 21st Century Woman?

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The 8th of March is a most beautiful day in the year, as it celebrates the existence of a woman.

To many, a woman is the mother of mankind; and despite holding such an important and unquestionable position, role of women has been defined by men over millennia.

In ancient times, a woman's role was important. She was the decision-maker of the family; and when it came to Gods and kings, women completed the puzzle in their life.

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Even till today, women play a very important role in a man's life. A man cannot live without a lady by his side and no man is complete without a woman.

So, who is the 21st century woman? Does she compete with the ancient goddess? Is she better than the women who were slaves in the past years?

Well, if you read on, you will know who the 21st century woman really is. This International Women's Day 2016, it is the duty of every man to love and care for the women in his life.

The 21st century woman is no longer a second-class citizen. She is on the same level as you gentlemen and guess what, she can and will do so much better. So, read on, as we unveil the traits of a 21st century woman:


She Is Powerful

She Is Powerful: The 21st century woman is powerful. She can undertake anything that comes her way and she will be the most successful in doing so. It is best not to mess with the modern lass, as she will turn you upside down, if you get into the wrong books with her.


She Rules The World

Yes, a woman has the capability to rule the world. She has no egoistic problems with another woman, neither does she have the qualities of being selfish when it comes to others. The modern woman is pretty cool in her own skin; and if you get to know her, she can totally rock your world as well.


She Is The Head Of The Family

A woman no longer needs a man to help with the family. She, in fact, is the head of the family. The woman of today is capable of looking after the kids, putting food on the table, providing for the family with basic necessities and, at the same time, keeping her loved ones happy. How awesome is that!


She Is Independent

Women of the 21st century are independent. She has the ability to stand on her own two feet and has the capability to even look after a man, if need be. Women of today have set an example for the girls of tomorrow.


She Can Protect Herself

Although in some parts of the world men overpower the woman, in recent times, things are changing in the opposite direction. Women can protect themselves. The modern woman is learning the art to defend her being; and once every woman knows the art, we pity the men who will try to mess with us.


She Can Take Pain Unlike No Other

Whether emotional or physical pain, women are tough at pulling it together and handling it. Though men are giants at physical pain, they however cannot bear the pain of bringing a child into this world. So, hats off to those women who are mothers.


She Gives Men 'Life'

If you have forgotten gentlemen, it is a woman who has given you your life. So, respect, love, care, and pamper her this International Women's day 2016, and don't forget to thank her for every breath you take, you owe her big time.

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Story first published: Tuesday, March 8, 2016, 4:30 [IST]
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