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Girl Claims To Be Pregnant With Baby Jesus!

Ever heard of someone telling plain lies or claiming something that is totally hard to believe? One such is a case of a girl who claimed that she was pregnant with baby Jesus and thought that she would be giving birth in the coming months. Yes, this is what the girl said and believed!

The ones who'd would hear to this case would think that the girl would be pregnant with her boyfriend and is blaming Jesus to be the father... But, this was not the case, as there was couple of scans done on the girl, which proved that she was never pregnant with baby Jesus!

This case is a sheer example of counselling importance that is required to be done for the teens. The family of the girl claimed that the girl was a habitual liar and they were tired of this trait of hers.

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This 19-year-old girl even went on to prove that she was pregnant with baby Jesus, by getting an ultrasound test done on a TV show!! But, as a shocker, her ultrasound showed that she was never pregnant in any way and her tests were clear; and to this all that she said was "You can't lie to Jesus".

The girl whose name was not revealed on the show also claimed the same that her pregnancy was for real and she had gained at least 22 pounds. However, we wonder how can one get pregnant by just adding on to some extra pounds??

This girl is delusional to such an extent that she thinks rapper Eminem is her father and she has even appeared on the famous show American Idol.

Wait, there's more! She claims that she has even donated a kidney! Woah! We wonder if we have missed out on any of her claims, as these seem to be the most unexpected and stupidest claims ever to be made by someone.

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After reading all this, we can only wish that her family takes her to a psychiatrist who could help her get a reality check, as she clearly NEEDS HELP!

If you have any comments on this, then do share them with us in the comment section below.

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