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5 Places Where Indians Are Banned In India

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Being in India, we assume that we can travel to any part of the country and there is no stopping us. We are sure that we have the freedom to do so.

However, what happens when you are banned from entering certain places in your own mother land? Well, we, here at Boldsky, are about to share the details about places where Indians are banned from visiting, in India.

These are the places that literally exist; and if you are an Indian, you will get a rude shock of your life!

So, the next time you're visiting places with your foreign friends, make sure you keep a check on these places before embarrassing yourself.

Find out more about these interesting places where you can be banned from entering; and trust us, it is not a joke! Read on to know more.


Uno-In Hotel In Bangalore

This hotel was exclusively open for Japanese executive people only. They chose this hotel for their elite meetings. Indians friends of these visitors were allowed and they were discriminated here. Currently, this place has been shut down by the Bangalore City Corporation committee on the charges of racial discrimination.

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Free Kasol Cafe In Kasol

This cafe in Kasol has been on the receiving end, as many Indians have claimed that they are not allowed to enter this cafe. The owner who bluntly refuses to serve Indians claims that his restaurant is open only for the Israeli visitors.

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"Foreigners Only" Beaches In Goa

Yes, you read that right. There are a few beaches in Goa where Indians are not allowed. These beaches are meant only for the foreign travellers across the world, to relax and enjoy their holiday in this beautiful place. The shack owners openly discriminate the Indians out there, so do not be shocked the next time you visit any of these beaches.


A Lodge In Chennai

This lodge name is withheld for a few reasons, but the board that they have in the display tells it all. This particular lodge allows visitors who have a foreign passport only. Currently, it is in its crumbling state! On a lighter note, "Wish the building falls off!".

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Few Beaches In Puducherry Are Only For The Foreign Visitors

Following the footsteps of beaches in Goa that are exclusive only for foreigners, Puducherry also has beaches that are open only for the foreign visitors. The pristine beaches are flanked by Portuguese and French architecture, giving it a mass appeal. Yet, they are off-limits for the Indians to visit.

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Story first published: Tuesday, May 24, 2016, 15:45 [IST]
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