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Facts To Know About Currency And Money

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Money is something that we all need for our daily living. Life would be difficult if we did not have money with us to cater to our daily needs.

This is something that we use on an everyday basis and knowing about some facts on money can simply blow your mind.

In this article, we are here to share trivia on some of the facts that one should know about money and currency.

Though the history of currency is extremely interesting, there are a few facts out there that can even disgust you and some that can leave your mouth wide open.

So, find out about these interesting facts on money and currency, in this article.

Simple facts like "one penny costs 2.4 cents to produce", can make it worth a read. Hence, read on to know more.

About 90% of the US dollars contain traces of cocaine! Yeah, it is a proven fact!!


Fact #2
The Southern Medical Journal has found traces of faecal matter on 94% of the dollar bills, which were tested. Okay, now we're sure you would wash your hand every time you touch any note here on, ain't it?

It was around 1,400 years ago when China was the first country to create the first paper money.


If you are having a $10 in your wallet and no debt, then be glad, as you are wealthier than one-quarter of the Americans!

If Bill Gates would spend even $1 million every single day, then it would take him at least 218 years to spend his entire money! Damn! Lucky him.


Tea bricks were used as currency in Siberia and Asia until the World War II.

The flu virus tends to remain infectious and active on a dollar bill for up to two weeks. Now, this is something scary!

Did you know that arguing about money is the top predictor of divorce? Well, unfortunately money does play a vital role.


A research has proved that at least 50% of the Americans have reported that they are still unable to pay a $400 emergency expense without borrowing. Now, this is a major concern!

Did you know that the US paper money isn't really made of paper? Well, it's made of cloth. Amazing, isn't it?

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