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9 Naked Truths About 'Manhood'

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While women worry about their body fat percentage and slimness, men tend to worry more about their size below their waist. Some men even worry endlessly about their size without realising that it has only a limited role in the overall area of romance.

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In fact, looking at the insecurities of a majority of men on this planet, fake ED pills have turned into a billion dollar industry.

Fraudulent salesmen started selling fake products that never work. Nothing can increase the size of the ‘manhood' after adulthood unless something is done through surgical means.

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There are some more facts that most of the men need to know about manhood. Here are they:


Fact #1

Men think that women crave for a very big ‘size'. However, in many surveys, women declared that average ‘size' of manhood is comfortable. Too big ‘members' do scare them. Also, they said that they prefer width not length.


Fact #2

If a man seldom uses his weapon, the elasticity may reduce and this could shrink the size of the manhood by a couple of centimeters over a few years. Therefore, regular pleasure keeps the member healthy.


Fact #3

A man who enjoys intercourse once a week can reduce his risk of stroke by around 49%, cardiovascular disease risk by 29% and diabetes risk by 38%.


Fact #4

The largest manhood in the world is said to be 13 inches long. The shortest is said to be lesser than an inch!


Fact #5

In a survey, more than 85% of the women said that they are happy with the size of their partners. But still, 50% of the men think that they aren't big enough ‘inside'. They suffer inferiority complex due to that.


Fact #6

A recent study claims that nearly 30% of the men in this world are circumcised. Certain studies claim that circumcision may reduce the risk of certain STDs.


Fact #7

Another study claims that bigger ‘members' look good on tall men; not short men. In another survey, a majority of women said that how a man turns them on is more important than how big he is inside his pants.


Fact #8

Men think that ejaculation is managed by the brain. But it is said to be managed by the spinal cord. That is why an injury to the spine could affect the bed life of a man.


Fact #9

Excessive smoking can reduce the size of the manhood by 1 cm. This is because of the calcification of the blood cells. Also, the blood circulation in the man hood gets affected due to smoking.

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Story first published: Wednesday, March 30, 2016, 3:01 [IST]
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