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Facts About Eating Disorders

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Abnormal eating behaviours can be considered as eating disorders. When you eat to satisfy a psychological need rather than a physical need like hunger then it is an eating disorder.

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Bulimia, anorexia and even binge eating are eating disorders that destroy life. Some people starve themselves though they can afford to eat food. In an attempt to lose weight, such a habit may form and gradually it may become an obsession. That is when it turns into a disorder called as anorexia.

Generally, people who have a distorted self image tend to embrace such an eating pattern as they are scared of gaining weight. Some people binge eat and then try to vomit or use laxatives to bring out the food again. This could be seen as bulimia.

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And when it comes to plain binge eating, it is a general addiction to food. Even emotional eating is also a disorder. Eating food in an unnatural way could wreck the health in many ways. Now, let us look at certain facts about eating disorders.


Fact #1

About 3 out of 4 people suffering from anorexia are women. This is a worrying fact. And most of them are in the age group of 15 to 19!


Fact #2

Generally, people suffering from bulimia tend to binge eat on junk food. They get addicted to such eating patterns.


Fact #3

Some people suffering from bulimia binge eat and use laxatives to avoid the fat absorption. But it won't work like that as the laxatives work only on large intestine. Also, their colon and intestines get damaged after they over use laxatives in the long run.


Fact #4

Loneliness, depression, anger or other addictions can also lead to eating disorders. Also, people who are obsessed about gaining weight or losing it tend to display abnormal eating behaviours.


Fact #5

Eating disorders are more common in women compared to men as men take their body image less seriously.


Fact #6

Some people are obsessed with the quality of food they eat. They are known as orthorexics. Though they don't worry much about being slim, they tend to worry too much about the quality of food they eat.


Fact #7

In anorexics, the heart rate falls below 60 beats a minute. This could be dangerous.

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