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Facts About Human Attraction

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Attraction plays a very important role in our lives. In fact, you tend to get more friends or partners if you are more attractive.

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Though most of us talk a lot on inner beauty, external beauty is more has its own value in this world whether we are ready to agree or not. And many studies proved that up to an extent.

Just imagine this situation. You are a man waiting on the road. Suddenly, a very hot and beautiful girl wearing shorts comes to you and seeks help. You would respond immediately without fail! But a beggar in rags comes to beg for alms, you ten d to ignore.

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Yes, attraction plays its own role in our lives whether we would like to admit it or not.


Fact #1

In a study, researchers found that parents generally give all their attention to the most attractive of all their children though they love all their children equally.


Fact #2

Many career studies have proved that good looking people do well even in careers and tend to get all promotions compared to equally hardworking counterparts.


Fact #3

In classrooms, teachers generally give all their attention to the most attractive of all students; they also help them to perform well in academics.


Fact #4

Status, resources, intelligence, power and many other factors can make men look attractive irrespective of their physical features.


Fact #5

Women tend to perceive men as attractive when other women eye the man. But men perceive women as less attractive when too many men eye a woman.


Fact #6

When you are drunk, others might look more attractive to you as alcohol alters your perception. You fail to read the imperfections in others faces.


Fact #7

Another study claims that college students perceive attractive teachers as the best teachers irrespective of their teaching abilities.


Fact #8

In order to look more attractive, human beings invest lots of money. The very fact that weight loss and cosmetic industries turned into billion dollar markets proves that humans crave to look attractive.

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