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Shocking Facts About Secret Affairs!

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Extra marital affairs are a crime. But still, they occur almost all over the world. To put it in a nut shell, when a married person gets into physical intimacy with someone outside the married relationship, it is known as extramarital affair or infidelity.

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Though all laws and all religions condemn such an act, the number of these cases is increasing in the recent years. Also, as cheating became easy due to the latest technology like mobile and internet, adultery has increased everywhere.

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As the gap between two human beings is increasing, extramarital love is becoming rampant. Now, let us know about certain bizarre facts about such affairs.


Fact #1

Another study reports that most of the ‘coital deaths' (death during sex) occur during extramarital sex (as the people involved would be stressed out and excited).


Fact #2

In a study, many participants admitted that the best opportunity to cheat spouse and have fun with an extramarital partner is during business trips at work.


Fact #3

A recent study claims that men who come to hospitals for treatment for a fractured penis generally admit that it happened during an extramarital ‘romance'.


Fact #4

Though most of us think that affairs are the reasons for high divorce rate, a recent study claims that money is the reason for increasing divorce rate. In fact, most of the infidelity issues are forgiven even after being caught.


Fact #5

Another study claims that emotional cheating is more damaging than physical cheating. This is because emotional closeness to another person can harm a marriage more.


Fact #6

Another study says that the number of women who got into extra marital relationships has increased in the recent years may be because women are now financially powerful.


Fact #7

A study says that nearly 70% of all extramarital affairs happen in workplaces!

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Story first published: Tuesday, March 22, 2016, 5:01 [IST]
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