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Ever Wondered Why We Yawn?

Usually, each noon struggling to stay awake is a task for most of the humans, or be it any species. Yawning continuously can be a sign that you are bored or are feeling sleepy! But on a serious note, have you ever thought why do we even yawn?

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Here, in this article, we are about to explain as to why we yawn. Sometimes, when we see somebody yawn, we tend to yawn ourselves. Oh yes, it can be very contagious!!

We bet, by the end of this article, you would have yawned a couple of times as well!

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So, read on to know more about why we yawn.


Yawning Is Ubiquitous

Studies have shown that foetus that is hardly 11 weeks old also tends to yawn. We yawned even before we actually came outside of the womb, out into the world! After all, yawning is a part and parcel of the human life.


Yawning Can Be Arousal!

We know this sounds stupid, as most of us yawn and wish to just sleep at that moment, but reports suggest that yawning can be arousing in nature. Isn't it crazy how such studies are actually noted!!


But What Makes Us Yawn?

We generally yawn when we are bored or sleepy. Yawning helps to increase the blood flow to the brain, making it more attentive. The more number of yawns, the more the brain is struggling to keep itself active!


How Long Does A Yawn Last

On an average, a yawn lasts up to 6 seconds. Now, let's check with the timer on the next time we yawn, shall we?


How Many Times Do We Yawn In Our Life Span?

An individual spends approximately around 400 hours just yawning! And this is no joke!


More Reasons For Yawning!

Researchers have proved that we yawn when we are bored, tired or sleepy. When the body is in this state, there is less oxygen that is received by the brain. Hence, the brain makes us take an extra breathe, which combats this loss. Thus the result - a nice calming yawn!

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