Christmas Gifts We Would Want To Ask Santa Claus This Year!

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It's Christmas time, and there are gifts all over the place. Secret Santa and other games add on to the gifts that you can expect from friends and family members!

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Amidst all this, there are a few other gifts that one can expect from Santa Claus. We are here to share the list of things that we all would love to get from Santa Claus for this Christmas! How we truly wish!

We Wish Santa Could Gift Us These!!

Check out the things that you can relate to from the list, as we bet, these are the things that most of us would want these days.

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Read on to know more about these interesting gifts that you can expect from Santa Claus.


Currency Notes!

After demonetisation, entire India craves to have currency notes of 100s and new 500s. We bet, even you would want some!


A 3 BHK House!!

With prices touching the sky, there is no chance for a common man to own a house these days. If only Santa could complete the wish, it's different!


Expensive Voucher!

We only wish, we could get the most expensive voucher from our favourite designer store!


All Paid Vacation For A Month!

Imagine getting an entire month vacation and all this for FREE! Sounds like a dream, right? Hey Santa, hope you're listening!


Every Day – A Salary Day For A Year!

We know, we know this is just a dream. But imagine waking up to find your bank balance just multiply the whole year? Dear Santa, please pay special attention to this!

Hope this brought a smile onto your faces. If you have any other wish that you would want Santa to grant, then do share it with us in the comment section below!

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