Photos That Prove There's Nothing A Woman Can't Do

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A photographer named Chris Crisman had found a new project when he heard one of his female friends left her corporate job to become a butcher. This is something that gave him an idea that women can do anything!

Though women have been fighting for equal rights since years, the struggle is going on even to this date. From getting the rights ratio to taking a stand on being labeled as the weaker sex, women have undergone a lot in the society.

There is nothing that a woman cannot do and these images just prove that! Check out the pictures which prove that women can do anything as compared to men.


A Lobster Fisher

Sadie Samuels is a Lobster Fisher. We're sure she loves her job.


Designer & Woodworker

Who knew even women would have so much knowledge about the wood work? Well, Mira Nakashima simply loves doing this job!


A Pig Farmer

Nancy Poli is a Pig Farmer at Stryker Farms. Respects to you, lady!


Leach Pad Operator

Carol Warn is a Leach Pad Operator. How many of us even know the meaning of this job?



She is a real hot stud! Mindy Gabriel is a Firefighter. Hats off to her spirit.


Haul Truck Driver

Leeann Johnson is a Haul Truck Driver. This is the hardest job you can imagine a woman do!


Brewer and Operations Manager

Christina Burris is a Brewer and Operations Manager. Wow, she is a beauty!


Property Developer

Alison Goldblum proves that property dealing is not the job of only men. She is a Property Developer.


Senior Geologist

Kris Alvarez is a Senior Geologist. How cool is that!



Beth Beverly is a Taxidermist. Her work seems to be quite interesting as well!

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Story first published: Friday, December 23, 2016, 10:24 [IST]
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