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Awesomely Satisfying Things We Humans Do In Private

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We all have certain habits that we are embarrassed of doing in public. Sometimes, we do get caught in the act. Few of our habits are so embarrassing that we make sure none of them get to know about it.

Here, in this article, we've shared the list of things that we all do but make sure no one finds out about it.

These are the weird things that people do in private but would not dare to do so in public.

These things might look quite common to us and maybe we can relate these things to the "ME TIME" that we are all so fond of.

So, find out more about these interesting things that we do and we are sure that all these things are something that you have tried doing when you have been alone. Read on. 


Dance Like Nobody Is Watching Us

Just the way we start singing in the shower, we would try the moves we have been thinking of and we think it is just superb! Now that is called self-confidence!!


Having Imaginary Arguments In The Brain And Reacting To It

Okay, this happens mostly when we're going through a tough time or are being highly stressed. We often argue with ourselves on why we didn't make this point instead of that.


Making Weird Noises

Trying to improve on our imitation skills while no one's watching is what we would like to master some day. On a lighter note, make sure the neighbours do not break open the door to check if you are fine.


Making Weird Faces

Hell, yeah! Who does not try this trick, right? It is fun checking out all the weird faces we can make and calling ourself a genius feels great too, isn't it? We all have been there, done that!


We Talk To Ourself

When we are all alone, we tend to talk to ourself and try to analyse things or joke about something and we think we are really smart. Silly us! But, this is something that we all do, but don't admit.


Sing In An Opera Style Really Loud

We all have that hidden singer in us, who we bring out at times when we're all alone or while we're under the shower. Don't we?? This singer just waits to sing some of the craziest songs.


Inexplicable Jumping

Now, this is something that nobody has an answer for. But, hell yeah, it is fun jumping around on the sofa and beds. We love to bring out the child in us, here ;)

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Story first published: Wednesday, May 18, 2016, 12:45 [IST]
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