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Artificial Eggs Found In Supermarkets!

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Everything that is made in China has its own guarantee. These guys can produce a replica of just about anything and this case is an example of it!

Artificial Eggs Found In Supermarkets!

Various reports have suggested that there are many artificial eggs that are found in supermarkets. All these eggs are claimed to have been imported from China and the citizens claim that the eggs contain rubber and plastic in them!

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 artificial eggs

Various consumers across Kerala, India, claimed that the eggs they had brought did not appear normal, and they had an unusual texture, smelt bad and tasted different.

egg shell

Some of the consumers even alleged that the egg shells were hard to crack and the inner membrane was made of plastic.


This created a havoc among people who panicked over the "Chinese eggs". The Health Minister had to get the rumours checked based on the media reports, as no official complaint was lodged yet.


The Kerala Veterinary and Animal Science University in Mannuthy has tested and validated that rumours about these crazy Chinese eggs were nothing but merely Chinese whispers!

The reports confirmed that the eggs in question were the real ones, and very old ones that were probably just rotten. They said that the eggs were frozen at the production plants and were stored for more than the desirable time. This could have been the possible reason that could have led them to rot!

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So, the claim of Chinese eggs that are made of plastic seems to be a hoax. On a lighter note, the question is, who named these eggs "Chinese"??

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