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Strange & Exotic Wines To Try Before You Die

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Do you love wine? Can you live without this beverage? Well, after reading this article you probably will resent drinking wine for the rest of your life. In the world people are crazy about trying out different, strange and weird types of food.

Likewise, there are some people in the world who are ready to spend a million bucks on crazy wines as well. From around the globe, we have come to terms with ourselves and have rated that these five are the most disgusting types of wines one can actually swallow down.

Well, we have seen people enjoying a plate of spiders and chocolate filled roaches, but have you come across people sipping slowly on a glass of penis wine or bear bile wine? Well, I don't think so! Today, Boldsky has come across some of the strange and in a way exotic wines in the world.

Hope you feel thirsty!

Tiger Bone Wine - In countries like China, Taiwan and Korea produce tiger bone wine is used as as a medicine. Made from tiger bones and skeletons, this weird wine cures all kind of aliments.

Poop Wine

Poop Wine - If the tiger wine didn't disgust you then you must try the Ttongsol wine. This wine is made with human faeces from 4-7 year old children. The poop of these age group is considered to be the purest poop of them all. Hailed from Korea, this wine is pretty much a delicacy.

Bear Bile Wine

Bear Bile Wine - Bear bile wine is another exotic and strange wine in the world. This beverage is mixed with Chinese cassia, jujube, orange peel, fennel seed and of course bear bile which thus gives it a vivid taste. If this is not enough, the bile is coaxed from distressed live bears.

Penis Wine

Penis Wine - Have you ever come across anything as disgusting as penis wine. Well, this strange wine in the world is quite expensive and is used only for bachelorette parties, and can you guess which penis is used? Well, dog, seal and deers! (penis wine image courtesy)

Reptile Wine

Reptile Wine - The consumption of reptile wine is supposed to cure everything from eyesight to hair loss and sexual performance. This is why this is an exotic drink in South-East Asia. (reptile wine image courtesy)

Chocolate Wine

Chocolate Wine - We have kept the best for last. Chocolate wine isn't that disgusting after all. Have you ever tried it. It is one of the best combinations. (chocolate wine image courtesy)

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