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Bra Problems Only Women Will Understand

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For a woman, her best friend is her bra. Do you know why? Well for two reasons, they support her at all times and secondly they never let her down no matter what.

Women off today, believe that though she needs her best friend - the bra, there are times it is best to live without it as it shows you how life can be, carefree and fun.

Women face a ton of problems when it comes to their bra. It is either a wrong size issue or a plunging neckline which is way to expozy!

Bras are also difficult to wear on and guys you might be shocked to hear this, but it's true, ask any woman your close to.

Did you also know that how a woman wears her bra, tells a lot about her personality.. (CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT)

On the other hand, take a look at some of the problems all women face with a bra, it is not an easy life, you guys, trust us...!


The Overflowing Problem

One of the weirdest bra problems every woman faces is when the girls come out to play and the appearance of it beneath a tight tee. Can you imagine that?


Underwire Pain

Though underwire is necessary for some women to wear, the pain you face when removing the underwire bra is out of this world.


Non- Identical.... ufff

At that time of the month, the breasts usually seem a lot bigger, especially the left breast which overpowers the right in size. Do you girls relate to this problem?


Elastic Trouble

Have you ever been a witness to a bra snap? If you have, you totally will understand the horrific pain. Well, if you have witnessed this, your one lucky dame.


The Poppers

When your wearing your favourite top or tee and your nips start to show, this sight is rather uncomfortable and totally embarrassing. It is one of the many bra problems most women have faced.


Back Fat

When the bra is too tight, you are welcomed to an excessive view of back fat which can look totally disgusting. Yet, again this is another bra problem only women understand.


Strapless Bras

Women are addicted to strapless bras do understand the exact comfort it provides! You have to be on high alert to see that the bra doesn't ditch your ladies, at any cost, and this is one of those bra problems.

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Story first published: Wednesday, September 9, 2015, 16:49 [IST]
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