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6 Missing Planes Never Found


Just like the Malaysian plane which has been missing since March 8 and no signs of it anywhere, there have been similar instances in the past too. Apart from the Malaysian airplane which went off radar on March 8, there are five more planes which have had an uncanny resemblance. Boldsky goes back to history and lists the missing planes that have never been found.

The mysterious disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 has certainly brought back memories of the previous such incidents to the forefront.

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As we are still clueless about what could have happened to the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 after it left Kuala Lumpur on Saturday, March 8, we sincerely hope to find the truth at the earliest.

Here are some of the missing planes never found:



Heard Of Amelia Earhart

She is one of the most bravest women pilot you could ever come across in history. As recorded, when Amelia was flying over the Pacific Ocean in 1937 while attempting to circumnavigate the globe, she strangely disappeared into thin air, in her twin-engine monoplane Electra. There were no signs of her or even the plane crashing into the ocean.


The Flying Tiger Line Flight

One of the most weirdest missing planes never found is the Flying Tiger Line Flight 739. When the flight was over the Western Pacific Ocean carrying around 93 army men and 3 South Vietnamese, people believed to have seen an air explosion, but no debris or wreckage was recovered, which was the strangest thing.


Air France Flight 447

This is yet another case of a flight going missing and never found. The Air France Flight 447 was over the Brazilian airspace and entering the Senegalese airspace when suddenly the airplane lost all contacts with the air traffic control. Till today, no one knows exactly what happened to the flight in air. However, after five days of investigation, it was known that the plane crashed into the Atlantic Ocean leaving behind no survivors.


The Disappearance Over Bermuda

Bermuda Triangle is one such place which will make you shiver at the sound of it. The Flight 19 is one of the missing planes never found in history. In this case, there were a total of five planes which had on board people from the navy. It is believed the pilots who were in these five Navy Avenger planes couldn't recognise landmarks below them (over the Bermuda Triangle). With a wink of an eye, these five planes disappeared without any traces. In this case, the weirdest fact is that when a search plane was sent out, it disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle as well.


The Star Dust Flight

The story of the Star Dust Flight will make you scream in fear. Being one of the missing planes never found in history, the Star Dust flight case was quite uncanny. The flight disappeared over the Andes Mountains and left behind no trace of it. Sources say that it could have been sabotaged or suffered a UFO attack as a final cryptic Morse code was sent called, 'STENDEC', which could not be decoded or understood.


The Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

Fears are now growing that the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 which vanished over the South China Sea in darkness on March 8 may never be found. This Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 plane that disappeared from the radar screen had no signal from the aircraft's sophisticated equipment. As the search continues, we hope to find some news about the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 soon.

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