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Get Rid Of Bad Luck: Ways


If you are superstitious, then you need not think you are the only one in this world. There are many people who believe in superstitions and follow them with utmost belief. There are many types of superstitions followed by people across the world.

For example, a black cat crossing your path when you are going out for some work is considered a bad omen. Moreover, there are many people who think that breaking a mirror signals something bad is coming up.

We all fall victims of bad luck which tends to spoil our day and scare us as well. If you want to get rid of bad luck, then you have landed at the right page. Many people think that worshiping and doing good karma will prevent bad luck. However, there are many other things that you can do to get rid of bad luck.

People say that whatever you do cannot prevent the bad luck which is written in your life by God. However, there are many practices followed worldwide which can help prevent the effects of bad luck. For example, salt is one of the remedies for bad luck. In many cultures, people throw salt over their left shoulder to get rid of bad luck and bring good luck. Similarly, some people say that bathing with salt not only cleanses the skin, but also removes the negative vibes from the body as well.

Here are some best ways to get rid of bad luck naturally.

Ways To Get Rid Of Bad Luck:



Use Salt

In many cultures, it is said that taking a salt water bath cleanses the body and removes all the negativity. You can also throw salt from the left shoulder towards the back. You can also sprinkle salt at all corners of the house.


Broken Mirror

Many people believe that keeping broken mirror brings bad luck. However, in some cultures, it is said that throwing broken pieces of mirror will seal your fate for seven more years. So, crush the broken pieces of mirror to dust and scatter it in the wind.


Wear Key

Wearing lucky charms is another way to get rid of bad luck. Key charms have been considered lucky since many years in a few cultures. It is said that wearing three keys will unblock the three doors of wealth, health and love.


Horse Shoe

Hanging a horse shoe over the house door wards off evil eye. You can also wear a replica of a horse shoe designed pendant. Make sure that the ends of the horse shoe are pointed upward to bring in good luck.


Burn Sage

Also known as smudging, it is one of the processes performed to get rid of negative energy from home. Smolder sage and wave out the smoke at every nook and corner of the house. Open the windows to throw away negativity and bad luck out of the house.



Your karma always pays off. By performing good deeds, you will reduce bad luck to a great extent. Moreover, your karma will also make you strong to face the hard times of life.



In some cultures, it is said that cleansing the chakras of the body helps get good luck. Take seven different types of flowers in several colours (except white). Soak the flower petals in water and put the bowl under the sun for about an hour. Water absorbs all the positive energy from the petals. Bathe with this water. Wrap the petals in a cover and dispose.



Being spiritual helps regain the positive energy and good luck. It also strengthens your mind and soul.

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