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Are You A Victim Of Office Gossip?


The rules of office gossip are such that the person who is being talked about is the last to know. But is if you are indeed a victim of office gossip, then you will eventually come to know that your colleagues are gossiping about you. Now gossip always happens behind your back; it is you are not particularly observant, you may not notice any change. Here are some signs to know that your office colleagues are gossiping about you.


Awkward Silence

Have you ever walked into a room and felt a sudden and awkward silence? It is because; people were talking about you just moments ago and stopped when they saw you coming.

Vague Innuendos

Do your colleagues give each other knowing smiles and talk in innuendos when you are around? This speaking in code language is necessary because you are the subject of the gossip.


Have you ever heard giggles behind your back as you pass by? These giggles suppressed laughter and you are obviously the subject of the joke.

Distant Sources

Usually, it is the people closest to you who start rumours and gossip about you. You may get to hear it from mere acquaintances whom you barely know.What a victim of office gossip should do?

Never Explain Yourself

Most office gossips are untrue. So if you have done nothing, then you do not have to explain anything to anyone. Explaining will be a validation for these gossips.

Don't Quit

Gossip is against work ethics because it hampers the victim's work. But quitting your job will only serve to embolden those who spread rumours about you. So grit your teeth and stick around. Never back down to a situation.

Wait For It To Fizzle Out

The only good thing about office gossip is that it fizzles out quickly. The people who gossip get bored quickly if they cannot get a reaction out of you. So the forget about the old stories and look for fresh meat elsewhere.

Stand Up To Gossipers

When you heard that awkward silence or suppressed giggle behind your back, turn around and give the people involved a hard stare. It will give them the message that you know and you won't tolerate anymore nonsense.

It is not easy to stand up against a group of people making fun of you behind your back. But it is one of the perils of corporate life and you have to deal with it.

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Story first published: Thursday, February 20, 2014, 21:31 [IST]
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