Weird People Who Look Like Celebrities

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One of the weird things people do is getting obsessed over their celebrities. There are some outrageous people who have gone under the knife to look like a celebrity they fancy. Fans who are fascinated over Kim Kardashian's body will do anything to look just like the star. From around the world, we have selected some of the best weird people who have undergone plastic surgeries. These weird people look like famous celebrities or influential people.

Paying high amount of money to look like famous celebrities is a crave for these youngsters. It is not that it would make in the eyes of the original celebrities. However, they have tried their luck at being famous. We will let you decide if these weird people are outrageous or sane according to you.

Weird People Who Look Like Celebrities

Take a look at some of these weird people who look like celebrities:

Superman Fan

Herbert Chavez, a mild-mannered dressmaker from the Philippines has done everything in his will to be like the flying hero, superman. Herbert has spent over 16 years of Surgery to look like the Man of Steel.

Man's best friend

Being so smitten by the looks of a dog, a Brazilian man has spent a huge sum of money to look like man's best friend. The Brazilian dog man which is he widely known as has asked doctors to transplant his face with a real dog's face.

Meet Ken

He is not plastic, although he might look to be! The real life Ken from New York has done around 90 cosmetic surgeries just to look like Barbie's beau. The 32-year-old real life Ken has spent close to $100,000 so that he could become a living Ken doll.

Barbie Too is here

She is surely the real life Barbie doll! Valeria Lukyanova from America has spent more than 50 pounds to look like the plastic beauty. Her perfect figure and her gorgeous looks will sweep you off your feet. Valeria is one of the best looking real life dolls in town.

Meet Kim's twin

Kim Kardashian has a lot of fans, but this particular fan wants to be just like her. Although Myla Sinanaj's obsession with Kim Kardashian is getting painful, she is still extending more surgeries. The obsession of being just like Kim Kardashian has taken a toll on Myla and she wants to be like her in every way.

Deep blue sea- Alba

If you happen to run into Jessica Alba's twin, Xiaoqing who will see that she looks carbon copy like the actress. In order to win her boyfriend back, Xiaoqing went to the extreme of getting a plastic surgery to look like Jessica Alba.

These are some of the people around the world who wants to look like celebrities through the art of plastic surgeries.

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