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Strange Royal Family Marriage Rules

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We all probably think that who would not like to grow up as a prince or princess. But guess what royals think; it would be so lucky to lead a 'normal' life. Royal families are governed by a set of extremely bizarre rules. Especially when it comes to marriage, the rules of royalty are exceedingly strange.

Royal family marriage rules have actually caused much trouble in the past. Since Britain is one of the new surviving constitutional monarchies, lets take the example of the British royal family. The royal family's marriage rules are stringent and still governed by an Act that is centuries old. The British royal family is slowly breaking these rules, but there are still some glitches.

Here are some of the most bizarre royal family marriage rules that have existed so far.

 Royal Family Marriage Rules

No Catholics Please

In 1701, King William III passed an Act of Parliament that says that any member of the British royal family cannot marry a practicing Roman Catholic unless he/she is willing to convert. The Monarch must give up claim to the throne if he/she marries a Catholic.

The Queen's Husband

What do you call the husband of the Queen? The King obviously! But not in England. According to the royal family marriage rules, the husband of a female monarch does have the title of King but Prince. Queen Victoria ruled alongside Prince Albert for 20 years.

The Approval

The Queen till date holds the right to declare a royal wedding null and void if she does not approve the bride or groom. This Act was passed by King George III because she was unhappy with this brother's choice of bride. So guess who Prince William had to please for marrying Kate Middleton; his grandmother of course.

Virgins Only

Technically the royal family marriage rules still say that a royal bride has to be a virgin. This rule was followed until Princess Diana's time. However, doesn't look like anyone follows it these days.

No Divorcee

There was a rule for the British royal family that they could not marry any divorced person. King Edward VIII abdicated his throne to marry a divorced American woman called Mrs. Simpson. Queen Elizabeth's sister, Princess Margaret broke off her engagement with Peter Townsend because he was a divorcee. But now, Prince Charles has married Camillia Parkey-Bowles who is a divorcee!

These are some of the bizarre royal family marriage rules. Which of these you think is strange?

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Story first published: Thursday, July 11, 2013, 3:03 [IST]
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