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Why Do Women Love Mirrors?

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It is amazing how women check themselves out even when there are no mirrors around. They check themselves out on the screens of their mobile phones, the shiny surface of the lifts and also in car windows that have dark glasses. Being in love with mirrors is the sign of a narcissist. So are we to assume that all women are narcissistic just because they love to look at themselves in the mirrors? Not really.

There are many reasons for which women love mirrors and loving themselves is just one of them. Check out the other reasons here.

Vanity Fair: Every single person has vanity; women are not exceptions in this matter. Vanity acts as part of our self confidence and personality. No normal person who is not a saint has the right to accuse women of vanity. This is because no human being is above the emotion of pride. If mirrors help women boost their vanity, then there is nothing wrong with it. It is just human nature.

The Fairer Sex: The whole idea of calling women the fairer sex would be totally redundant if we could not cut them some flak for maintaining their 'fairness' or beauty. Lets admit it, all men like well dressed and good looking women. So what is the harm if women check themselves out in mirrors?

A Gender Stereotype: We not only call women the 'fairer' sex but also expect them to look the part. Most of us do not give two dimes if a man is not properly dressed or done up. But when a woman comes to work looking unkempt and dishevelled, it is viewed with shock and disgust. There is greater societal pressure on women to look good and thus they have no choice but to love mirrors.

Narcissist? So What!: When the mirror is your best friend, then it is a sign of positivity and self confidence. No body ever said that loving yourself is a destructive act! If you do not love yourself the way you are, how will you live a life of contentment? So, why do we have to judge women for looking into mirrors whenever they can? It just shows that they like themselves very much.

The Art Of Improvisation: Instead of taking an opinion poll on whether of not the love that women have for mirrors is justified, lets just say women are more resourceful and observant. Resourceful because most women always carry a small mirror in their handbag. And observant because they use whatever reflecting surface they can find to use instead of a mirror! That is mighty smart and we should appreciate it rather than criticise it.

Love of mirrors that women exhibit has many facets to it. Do you like looking into a mirror? If you do then tell us why?

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