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Top 10 Funniest Facebook Jokes


Facebook is not just a social networking site anymore. It has become a social phenomenon. In any significant ways our lives are dependent on or incomplete without Facebook. Imagine being unable to share your birthday photographs with your friends across the world. Or not being able to know the latest that is happening in town.

The virtual world of Facebook with status updates, photos, posts and pokes has more real to us than our real lives That is why, like any other burning social phenomenon, there are several jokes on Facebook as well. We have put together an ensemble of the funniest jokes about Facebook here.

Facebook Joke 1: Facebook is like a jail. You have mugshot profile picture. You spend all your time writing on walls. And some totally undesirable people poke you around unnecessarily.

Facebook Joke 2: A grandmother left her farm, barn, horses, chickens, pigs and $1million cash to her granddaughter. The granddaughter was overwhelmed and said "Granny, I never knew you had so many assets. Where are they?" The grandmother's last word on her death-bed was 'Facebook'.

Facebook Joke 3: Teacher asks student, "What do you call a place where people talk to themselves, write on walls, cook imaginary food in fictional cafes, grow crops that do not exist and count make-believe money?"

Student answers, 'Mental hospital.'

Teacher growls, ' No you idiot. Facebook.'

Facebook Joke 4: If Facebook is a fridge then we keep opening it every few seconds to see if there is anything interesting in it!

Facebook Joke 5: When do you officially become a Facebook stalker?

When you notice that someone's Facebook profile picture changes and you are not even their friend!

Facebook Joke 6: What is the new face of communalism?

Facebook groups! People are so freaking aggressive about it!

Facebook Joke 7: Why do Facebook users have lower grades than non-Facebook users?

This is because you do not need to use your brains to be on Facebook.

Facebook Joke 8: The Facebook status of a girl committing suicide; 'My Twitter account can remarry now...'

Facebook Joke 9: What does a man tell God after he just dies?

Please let me go back. I forgot to tell my to wife to change her relationship status!

Facebook Joke 10: Where will you find a man with too many debts?

On Facebook trying to earn some cash in Mafia Wars!

Do share your own stock of funny Facebook status updates and jokes with us.

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Story first published: Tuesday, November 6, 2012, 6:00 [IST]
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