Top 10 Howlers That Became Teacher Jokes

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Lets face it guys, teachers talk a lot. And when one has to talk constantly, they tend to say totally illogical things sometimes. This happens commonly with teachers. They say something that is total howler and becomes a teacher joke for the class students. Teacher's Day is a time we honour our teachers but lets be a little honest and remember the most hilarious teacher jokes that have cracked us up with laughter.

Any funny thing said in the classroom becomes a joke for the students. But when it comes from the mouth of the teacher, students take special pleasure in circulating the classroom joke. Teachers, here is wishing you a Happy Teacher's Day in advance because after you are done reading these teacher jokes, you will be livid!

Teacher Jokes

Top 10 Teacher Jokes:

1. Geography Graphics: ' Bring the world map of India tomorrow.'

Sure ma'am, just tell us where to buy it!

2. Testing Patience: 'I will take a surprise test on Monday, so please be prepared.'

Oh my God, its not a surprise, its a shock. Thanks for tipping us off with this top secret information!

3. Grave Mistake: 'The Principal was taking a round. The Principal just passed away.'

Oh! How tragic! Is the school going to remain shut out in mourning are you going to get fired for killing the Principal?

4. Gender Zones: 'I have 2 daughters; both are girls.'

Thats a surprise! Both 'daughters' turned out to be girls. I am my father's son and I am a girl too.

5. Punish Me: 'If you don't stop talking, I will go and stand outside.'

Really?? Be my guest! We would really miss you but you look so much better outside the class.

6. Colour Blindness: 'Does anybody have a red pen of any colour?'

Sure I have a red pen that has blue ink. Will it do?

7. Air Of Change: 'Open the air and let the window come inside'.

Ok, if you insist. The window can sit in class while we play in the fresh air outside!

8. Dare Dare: 'How dare you look at the monkey outside when I am here in the class?'

Actually we like the way the monkey bares his teeth; it reminds us of the time when you are angry at us! Moreover the monkey's antics are more interesting at the moment!

9. Tables And Chairs: 'Sit down on your desks and put your heads down on the benches.'

We would love to but there is a small problem. The laws of gravity do not permit us to do as you instructed.

10. Parents Call: 'Bring parents and mother to school tomorrow.'

What! My mother is not my parent? Should have known it when she locked me up in the bathroom last week.

Teachers please do take these teacher jokes in the right spirit. They are meant to cheer you and not offend you!

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