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House Party To Catch The Match!

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Match Party
The news is that Euro cup 2012 is going on full throttle. The poor guys are braving late nights and working in the morning to watch some great football matches. So, we thought we will help the poor guys with some of our expert tips. There is nothing like a house party where friends get together to watch a match with fun.

Most guys think that a match party is a simple affair where things take care of themselves. However, even the simple pleasures of a house party to watch football is also better experienced with a bit of planning. So, when it is your turn to host a guys party at home, be prepared with these essentials.

Essentials Of A House Match Party:

Begin at the beginning. What would you really like to have while watching football? Why do you go to a sports bar for example? Booze, music and sports, in that order.

1. First of all, get a really nice couch in place. Chairs are not the right kind of furniture to have around. Try to arrange something more comfortable like huge cushions or cozy rugs. Do not bother too much with the seating arrangements because you will hardly have your bottoms on the seat.

2. The most important thing in house party is going to be a huge flat screen television. If you do not have it then it is no use calling your friends over. You might as well go to somebody else' match party!

3. Move all the delicate stuff like centerpieces, crystals, pottery and other decorative things out of the way. Football increases adrenaline rush and you can never be too careful around boys with soaring emotions.

4. Popcorn and beer (if you drink) are absolutely must haves for a house party where boys get together. Considering this is going to be a late night affair, you might as well arrange for some coffee.

5. Since it is a house party after all, you must offer at least some mid night snacks. Stock your refrigerator with frozen potato fries, nuggets, burger patties and sausages. In case your friends feel hungry you can tell them to help themselves.

6. Keep ashtray and dustbin ready to gather all the filth your friends are about to make. Insist that they throw their beer cans and ash into the waste basket so that you do not have to skip work to clean up your house the next day!

Make the most of your match party while the Euro cup fever lasts.

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Story first published: Wednesday, June 13, 2012, 15:40 [IST]
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