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Top 20 Funny Rajnikanth Jokes

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Veteran actor Rajnikanth who hails from Karnataka and made a name for himself in the Tamil film industry has spawned a new stock of jokes. These jokes are best known as Rajnikanth jokes. He is an actor who is given a God-like status in all of Southern India. Although people call him 'Padayappa' and treat him like a super-hero, everybody seems to enjoy Rajnikanth jokes.

These Rajnikanth jokes are a series of one-liners about the exaggerated super-human powers of Rajnikanth. Here are 20 of the all time best jokes.

Rajnikant Jokes

Joke 1: When you type the spelling of 'Rajnikanth's name wrong on Google, it does not ask you what you meant. It says; 'Run while you can!'

Joke 2: Rajnikanth is the only man in the world who knows 'Victoria's Secret'!

Joke 3: How did the 'Dead Sea' die? It refused to part for Rajnikanth.

Joke 4: Facebook has added Rajnikanth to its friend list.

Joke 5: Rajnikanth once kicked a horse under its chin. The descendants of that horse are now a new species, Giraffes!

Joke 6: There is no life on Mars because Rajnikanth has already been there.

Joke 7: If Titanic was remade with Rajnikanth in the lead role then it would have a happy ending. This is because Rajnikanth would swim back to the shore with Rose in one hand and Titanic in the other.

Joke 8: You can never find Rajnikanth on Google because You can't find Rajnikanth only Rajnikanth can find you.

Joke 9: Rajnikanth once had a heart attack. His heart lost and had to seek refuge in his rib cage!

Joke 10: Rajnikanth was the original choice for the movie 'Mission Impossible'. Tom Cruise had to replace him because he found the title insulting.

Joke 11: Rajnikanth had Small Pox as a kid. That is why Small pox is now an extinct disease!

Joke 12: Rajnikanth can easily stay in Antarctica. This is because he never gets Frostbite, he bites the frost away.

Joke 13: Once Rajnikanth wrote a check. All the banks in the world bounced.

Joke 14: Rajnikanth does not style his hair everyday. His hair lies in place before he picks up the comb in sheer terror!

Joke 15: When Rajnikanth plays Monopoly, the World economic gets affected.

Joke 16: Rajnikanth is the only man in the world who knows what women really want!

Joke 17: Rajnikanth doesn't move at the speed of Light. Its Light that tries to move at the speed of Rajnikanth.

Joke 18: Rajnikanth can make onions weep with agony as he chops them.

Joke 19: There is no such thing as Evolution: Darwin just made a list of the creatures whom Rajnikanth allowed to live!

Joke 20: Spiderman will never come to India. Why? Because Rajnikanth can kill him with a mosquito repellent!

These are some of the best jokes about Rajnikanth. Share your own stock of Rajnikanth with us.

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