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Presidents Day – A Remembrance Of Leaders

By Suparna Chakaraborthy

The month of February has been a month of significance in American politics, as it has witnessed the birth most recognised American President George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. On this Presidents Day which is celebrated on the third Monday of February, the nations remembers the two most important and recognised Presidents in American political history.

On this Presidents Day we remember George Washington, well known as the 'Father Of His Country', who went through all odds to gift his nation freedom. He was an active member in the French and Indian War. He was also the leader in the American revolutionary war, which witnessed George Washington fighting against his own king George III. He Once again was the sole leader to fight against the British Rule and free American British colonies. He was the one president who had been an active member to save his nation from all odds, thus gaining him the title of 'Father Of His Country'. In the last year of his presidential rule, Washington Birthday was declared. On this Presidents Day, his contribution towards America's Freedom is relived by every true American.

Another name associated with Presidents Day is that of Abraham Lincoln, the man who abolished the practice of slavery. He took over the reins of American president at difficult times. He was a strong member of the American Civil War, also known as War Between the States. With Abraham Lincoln, America saw the end of the National Period and the beginning of the Modern Era.

George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, will always be remembered for their unmatched contribution towards the freedom and development of the nation. In 1968, Congress passed a legislation declaring the third Monday of the February as the Presidents Day, to salute the two legends of American Politics – George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

Story first published: Monday, February 21, 2011, 12:49 [IST]
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