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Enjoy Life In Some Easy Ways

By Anjana NS

According to one of Indian philosophy, 'Life starts with the first breadth and ends with the last.' After life or re-birth are phenomenons which has not been proved. Thus, all we aim for needs to be achieved in this one life we have got. All our hard work, our goals are for one big thing that's 'happiness' and happiness comes only if we live life to the fullest and the solution to that is to enjoy life. It is said that happiness is like a rainbow, which vanishes within minutes but sadness is like the incense sticks which leaves it's aroma even after it has burned out.

It is a human tendency to carry the burden of sadness but the way to celebrate life is to shed the burden and catch hold of all the happiness that is around us. In this mechanical age, all we do is crib about things, forgetting the fact that we are missing out on all the precious opportunities to enjoy life.

Here are few easy ways to enjoy life to the fullest -

1.Acceptance – Most of our problems are because we deny to accept the way our life is. We deny to accept the fact and fight hard to hide the truth, which is impossible. This leads to mental unrest and restricts us to move on. The way to enjoy your life is to accept the fact of life no matter how harsh or how pleasant it is. Once you accept, you can move on learning from previous mistake. No one can change what has happened, thus move on.

2.Don't Think Of The Past – You can remember the past but don't think about it. Thinking too much about the past, hinders your present and blurs your future. The mantra to enjoy life is to live in the present. Make the best of out of it. The happiness you get from your achievement is unmatched.

3.Treat Yourself – You have achieved a target, treat yourself to what you like the best. That's the way to live your life. You deserve a good treat and nothing can give you more happiness than celebrating your success. Be proud of yourself and flaunt it.

4.Don't Let Go Of The Child In You – There is a child in every person and keep it alive. This helps make life simple. The child in you would want to get wet in rain and catch hold of an ice cream. Go for it. Spontaneous acts and the thrill which erupts will make you laugh and trust me it is the best time of your life. Enjoy the spontaneity of child in you.

5.Spend Time With Friends, Family and Love – Friends, family and love, the three most important facts of your life are the one's with whom you should enjoy. They know you, understand your needs and will be with you all your life. Thus, make sure you give enough time with all of them. They will help your relax. They are partners of all crime and help you celebrate to the fullest by making you happy.

6.Practice Your Hobby – Your hobby is your identity and don't let go of it for the sake of anyone. Practicing one's hobby is the best way to relaxation and enjoyment. Generally, with age and responsibility, one tends to give away their hobby. The happiness which one gets from practicing one's hobby is one of those many joys which makes you smile. Anything which makes you smile is not worth being given up.

7.Spend Time With Yourself – In the fast pace of life it is good to slow down for once and spend time. For one day let it be only you. Though it is not spontaneous it is also a kind of enjoyment. Enjoy the rare moment when you are with yourself. Doing whatever you want. It can be as simple as sitting by the lake, going for a walk on an untrodden road or as wild as sea water diving and tracking.

These are few ways to enjoy life. Live it till the time your last breadth is with you. At least you will be content of your life, which is a very rare gift.

Story first published: Tuesday, November 16, 2010, 15:35 [IST]
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