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Eight Steps To A Winners Brain

By Suparna Chakaraborthy

We exercise for a good bod, we take treatments to enhance beauty but what do we do for our brain? Cracking a puzzle or a game of Whac-a-Mole can actually help enhance your brain but this is not enough. There is some extra effort which one needs to put in, to get the winners brain.

According to the authors of a new book, 'The Winner"s Brain", the brain of successful people function differently from those of the average.

Assistant neuroscience professor Mark Fenske, claim that one can actually rewire his/her brain and even physically change it.

They sought input from other brain experts and of individuals whom they categorized as, “winners" and have put down eight “win factors."

They claim that these eight points can graduate ones brain from average to winning brain.

Eight tips for winning brains:

Observation: Observation is one of the key identification of one's brain ability. To check yours, try and interpret people"s facial expressions and body language by watching scenes from a movie on mute. Then turn on the volume and match your interpretation with the movie.With this practice you can actually enhance your observation skills.

Motivation: A huge task is capable enough of demotivating you. At this time even if you finish the job, it surely will be of worst quality. The same work if broken up in parts, will look easy. If a work seems tiring to you, break it up and finish it. Extend the division of work over time. This heightens your brains capacity.

Focus: Never force your brain. Concentration is important but sometimes excess of concentration makes your brain stop working. At such a time, take a break and give your brain time to rejuvenate and you will notice that solution to problems coming automatically.

Emotional balance: At the time of a crisis, emotions take over your thinking capabilities. You should practice managing your emotions by changing your perspective of the situation. If you take the crisis as a challenge, things will look easy.

Memory: Like you edit mistakes while writing, edit your brain memory. An unpleasant event, a unfavorable situation or a dark past, just shed them and say 'I will never think of you again.' This will give space to your brain to do more important tasks.

Resilience: When you"re in a tough situation, think of a “resilience role model," like a parent, teacher or mentor. Try imagining what they would have done in a similar situation. You will be surprised to see, how solutions pour in.

Adaptability: To adapt to a new surrounding, one needs peace of mind. This peace can only be received by regular Yoga and meditation. Try a few minutes of meditation in a day to calm your brain. Studies prove that regular practice increase cortical thickness in as little as eight weeks.

Brain care: 30 minutes of moderate physical activity, three times a week, will also workout your brain. Exercise regulated the blood circulation in the brain thus making your nerves active.

Take these eight steps, to win over over brain and life.

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Story first published: Tuesday, April 20, 2010, 17:22 [IST]
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