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Anger Management In Some Easy Tips

By Suparna Chakaraborthy

Anger, is an emotion which triggers when things don't happen the way we wants it to happen. It is said that anger is a person worst weakness and can get him blind enough to destroy himself. To control emotions is difficult and to control anger seems to be next to impossible. The process to control anger is called anger management. It needs to be practiced practically and continuous practice may help you treat your hyper tension, stress and blood pressure, all of which is the outcome of anger.

At the time of work pressure, excessive competition and traffic jams it seems that most of the time we are angry. That the not the way life has to be. Anger management will help you control your anger and solve problems easily. Here are few anger management tips -

1.Get Out – When you are in a situation where you are getting angry just move out of that place. If you stay there it will be difficult for you to control your anger and you might just burst out and create a mess. Moving out of that place will help you stay away from an unfavourable situation and distract your mind.

2.Let It Out – Don't keep seething in anger. If nothing is distracting your mind off anger then let it go. Let it go on something. You have to let go of the anger but not destructively. You might go into your room and throw pillow, workout in the gym or just go for a walk. All of this are good remedy to let go of anger.

3.Count Ten – The best way to control anger is to distract yourself. There maybe times when it is impossible for you to leave the room. In such a situation count 1 to 10 and regulate your breathing. This will slowly lessen your anger and get you to a more stable state of mind.

4.Talk To A Friend – The best way to let go of anger is to share it someone. Tell your friend how angry you are. Share the reasons, situation etc with him. Talking it out will make you feel better.

5.Close Your Eyes – When you realise that your anger is reaching it's peak just close your eyes and try to concentrate on something else. Something that you like. You will be surprised to see how easily your anger vanishes away.

6.Write It Down – Can't share it with a friend? Well, then write it out. Write everything you feel, all that you wanted to tell at that time and how you feel, in your personal dairy. If you want to work out on your anger then read the diary few days later. You will be surprised to see what all you've written and realise how you become a different person when you are angry. This way of controlling anger is very good way of evaluating oneself.

This six tips of anger management will help you control you biggest weakness and you will surprised to see how gradually you stop sparing your anger on little things. So, practice anger management for a healthy you.

Story first published: Monday, November 22, 2010, 16:52 [IST]
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