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Simple Acts Of Kindness That Can Have A Big Impact In Your Life

People often get confused between being kind and being foolish. Being foolish means lacking good sense or judgement, but kindness is different but to be kind means, one is generous, considerate and friendly.

No matter what people say, but kindness is a virtue and no matter what happens one should not leave their good qualities. At times, you may see a needy person in front of you and you will have no idea what to do with them. In that situation, you need to understand that you need to be kind not only to those who are poor but to everyone around you.

You can start by being kind towards your family members and people who actually care for your well-being. There is no end to doing good or being kind and therefore, you can scroll down to read how to be kind towards people and animals too around you.

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Act Of Kindness Towards Loved Ones

1. Find some quality time to spend with your loved ones: Due to the busy schedule and hectic work life, you may not be able to spend time with your loved ones. If you feel that it has been a long time since you met or had a conversation with your loved ones then steal some time from your daily schedule and dedicate it for your loved ones.

2. Babysit your relatives' kids when you are free: One can't deny that babies need attention and supervision. Else they may do something unexpected which can later turn out to be quite harmful. If one of your friends or relatives is having a baby and is struggling to manage family and work-life then you can lend a helping hand by babysitting in your free time. If not daily, then you can do this twice or thrice a week. This way their parents will be able to spend some time with each other or may finish their pending work.

3. Call your parents at least twice a week: Your parents are the only people who will love you unconditionally. They are the one who genuinely care for you. Therefore, sparing some time to give them a call and asking their whereabouts is not a big deal. In fact, this can make your parents feel happy and delighted. They always care for you and pray for your well-being, therefore, by giving them a call twice or thrice a week can make their day.

4. Help your old parents in getting familiar with technology: Your parents may not be so familiar with the latest technologies. They may not be able to use a gadget properly. Rather than getting irritated for their unfamiliarity with the technology, help your parents to become familiar with technology is also an act of kindness. With this, you can stay in touch with your parents easily.

Act Of Kindness Towards Strangers

1. Buy some food for homeless people: You can show some kindness to homeless people by offering them food. For that reason, they are compelled to sleep empty stomach most of the time. You can either buy some food for them or offer them the leftovers from your kitchen. This way you will be actually doing a kind thing for people who are actually in need.

2. Hold the door for people behind you: While you are going to a restaurant or a shopping complex, you can hold the door open for the person next to you or behind you. Initially, it may not seem effective to you but people will notice this sweet and kind gesture of yours.

3. Everyone loves a smile or a happy face: You have to smile at every stranger who passes by you. If you come across people who seem to be frustrated and upset, you can smile and ask them if there is anything you can do to make their problems disappear.
This will give them hope and they will get the courage to face the challenges.

4. Say 'Thank You' and 'Please': Politeness comes free of cost. While you are taking the service of a person such as a waiter at a restaurant, bus conductor in a bus or office boy serving tea in your office, do not forget to use golden words like 'please' and 'thank you'. This will surely bring a smile to their face and they will perceive you as a kind person. Also, they will then offer their service to you with more sincerity.

5. Offer your seat to someone who genuinely needs it: While you are travelling in public transport, you can offer your seat to someone who genuinely needs it. Such as elderly people, pregnant ladies, specially-abled people and to people who are carrying a baby. This is also an act of kindness and morality.

6. Make a point to donate your old clothes: If you have clothes that you don't use anymore or feel like giving to someone then do not delay it. There are so many people who struggle to have two pairs of clothes. You can donate your clothes to some NGOs who distribute clothes among the poor. This way you will be helping someone who has little or literally nothing to wear.

Act Of Kindness Towards Animals

1. Offer food to stray dogs and cats: Often you will see stray dogs and cats going through a heap of garbage to find food. Rather than throwing away the waste or leftover food, you can give the same to stay animals. Though these animals can't voice their feelings, a generous deed will definitely make you feel good.

2. Let them take shelter on the premises of your house: During the rainy season, scorching summer heat or chilly winter nights, you can let the stray dogs and cats take shelter on the premises of your house. Though it may not seem appropriate at that time, letting animals have a place of warmth and comfort is no less than a divine act of kindness.

3. Volunteer to save animals: There are so many animal shelters in our country. It may be present in your city as well. You can visit and volunteer animal shelter whenever you are free. These animal shelters provide home and food to stray animals. Since there are very few staff serving at animal shelters, you will always be welcomed to volunteer at the animal shelter. Also, you will be able to receive abundant love from animals living there.

4. Slow down the vehicle while animals are crossing the road: At times, you will see animals lying dead on the road. This is because while these animals are crossing the road, people do not care to slow down their vehicles and prefer running their vehicles on them. There is nothing human about being unkind to animals.

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These acts of kindnesses can be done only when you have a beautiful heart and intentions to spread love and happiness.

Story first published: Saturday, November 23, 2019, 15:12 [IST]
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