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Simple Acts Of Kindness That Can Have A Big Impact In Your Life
People often get confused between being kind and being foolish. Being foolish means lacking good sense or judgement, but kindness is different but to be kind means, one is generous, considerate and friendly. No matter what people say, but kindness is ...
Small Acts Of Kindness You Can Do Every Day

Buddha Who Was A Deer
Buddhists believe in past lives. Here is a story from the Jataka tales, about the compassionate Gautama Buddha who was a deer in one of his past lives before reincarnating as Prince Siddharta of the Skhya dynasty.There was a king ...
Respond, Dont React!
Should one react or respond to a situation? A short story from the life of Buddha reveals the truth.Buddha was once confronted by an angry village while he was passing through it. They hurled abuses at Him mercilessly. Buddha remained calm ...
Buddha Short Story Osho Respond React
Watching The Moon Through The Roof
A short soul stirring read.Supreme contentment brings in the coolness of the moon, within one with burning desires. Two fakirs returned home in Japan for the rainy season after eight months of travelling, singing God's name. ...
The Surge Of Compassion
A young man who was disgusted with life after a bitter experience, requested a master in a monastery to relieve him off his sufferings once for all. He also revealed to the master that he was incapable of ...
Short Zen Story Buddhism Compassion
The Camouflaged Compassion
Once as a Zen master was celebrating his master's birthday, someone asked him as to why he was celebrating his master's birthday when he had denied him of becoming his disciple several times. He pointed out that the master ...
Thirukkural- On Virtue- Avoidance Of Meat-Eating-Kural-252
Porulaatchi poatraathaarkku illai arulaatchi Aangillai uoonthin pavarkku. Just as wealth does no good to those who do not cherish it in the right spirit,Compassion too will not co-exist with meat-eating.According to Valluvar, obviously, it is a ...
Thirukkural- On Virtue- Avoidance Of Meat-Eating-Kural-251
Thannoon perukkarkuth thaanpiridhu uoonunbaan Enganam aalum arul It is inconsistent with the way of living compassion, To fatten oneself on the flesh of a fellow-creature.Thiruvalluvar's idea is that meat-eating and compassion or tenderness towards all life, ...
Thirukkural- On Virtue- Compassion-Kural-250
Valiyaarmun thannai ninaikkathaan thannin Meliyarmael cellum idathu. When one tends to become cruel to those under his control One should think of himself cowering before stronger men.Here is another instance of Valluvar's practical approach to the problem ...
Thirukkural- On Virtue- Compassion-Kural-249
Terulaathaan meyppporul kandatraal thaerin Arulaathaan seyyum aram. It is easy to see that clear understanding is essential for acquiring knowledge;But it is not so easy to visualize that compassion is essential for goodness.Analytical understanding leads to true ...
Thirukkural- On Virtue- Compassion-Kural-248
Porulatraar pooppar orukaal arulatraar Attraarmat raathal aridhu Worldly wealth once lost may be recouped,But compassion lost cannot be made up.There is hope for people who have lost their possessions. They may in due course recover and ...
Thirukkural- On Virtue- Compassion-Kural-247
Arulillaarkku avvulakam illai porulillaarkku Ivvulakam illaaki yaangu The following translation of this couplet is based on Rajaji's rendering: Even as happiness in the world depends wholly on material possessions,Happiness in the world beyond will surely depend ...
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