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“Eye-Washing Master” Claims Cleaning Eyelids Refreshes Eyes & Improves Vision

Sometimes, people try very weird treatments to cure their ailments. From leech therapy to using a plier to pull out the tooth, there are many bizarre treatments that most of us are still not aware of.

Here is one such rare treatment or rather a process in which a woman cleanses people's eyes. She is known to be the eye-washing master.

Check out more details of her career and process of cleaning people's eyes!


This Has Been An Intriguing Chinese Custom

The eye-washing has been an intriguing Chinese custom that has been passed down through the ages. The place is run by a woman named Huang Baomei who also happens to be the only eye-washing master in Malaysia.


The Place Has An Unusual Service

The shop offers an unusual service, known as eye cleaning. According to the reports, the shop has been there around for more than 80 years and this eye-cleansing routine has been in practice for more than 4 generations.


About The Whole Process

Apparently the shop had started off as a barber shop eight decades ago and the place later introduced services using traditional Chinese methods of washing one's eyes, ears, and nose.


How Are The Eyes Cleansed?

It starts with Huang massaging one's eyes while they are closed. She later carefully folds back the eyelids and applies some medicinal mixture inside the eyes. This mixture is an ancestral recipe made by using herbs and ingredients. She uses a cotton swab and lightly rubs it back and forth behind the eyelids, and carefully picks out the impurities. She claims that it promotes the blood circulation and cleanses the eyes properly.


The End Result

After cleaning the eyes, she will place the impurities in a glass of water to show the client on how much dirt was floating in your eyes. Though the process looks painful, it is claimed not to hurt and instead help the individual feel refreshed.

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Story first published: Wednesday, March 20, 2019, 15:14 [IST]
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