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She Bought Eggs To Eat But They Hatched Instead!

Turning a vegan can be a tough thing, but what happens when something unexpected happens and turns you to a vegan from a hardcore non-vegetarian?

This case is something that will make you turn vegan if you are an animal lover.

A woman who was taken aback when she found little ducklings hatching from the eggs that she bought to eat!

Check out the bizarre case.


The Incident Happened In Vietnam

The incident happened in Vietnam where a woman was taken by a surprise when the duck eggs that she had bought to consume ended up hatching into a bunch of cute ducklings!


She Bought Two Dozens Of Eggs

It is reported that this Vietnamese woman had bought two dozen of duck eggs and she had placed them in her kitchen. She had plans of having them later to keep her energy levels up during the summer.


The Woman Had Plans Of Eating ‘Balut’

‘Balut' is a delicacy that is mostly enjoyed in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. The recipe consists of a developing bird embryo, that is usually made from a duck egg.


The Eggs Hatched

The woman got the shock of her life when she saw little ducklings hatching from the eggs she bought. The sweet shock was that all the 24 eggs hatched and 24 super adorable ducklings were born! She had a tough time deciding on how she would take care of these unexpected babies in her house.

It is reported that some of her colleagues and friends adopted a few of them.

Let us know what would you do when you see chicken eggs hatching in your kitchen this summer?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below. For more interesting stories, check our section Insync.

Story first published: Monday, April 22, 2019, 23:00 [IST]
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