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Story Of A Man Who Is Called “The Alien”

Sometimes life is tough. We have seen quite a few cases of people who are born differently, creating an impact on our lives.

This is one such case of a man who is currently labelled as "The Alien" due to his distinctive features.

Check out the details of Anshu Kumar who despite having unusual features, wishes to lead a regular life...


He Hails From India

Anshu Kumar is a 21-year-old man, from Jagatpur, India. It is said that he suffers from multiple diseases which medics have not been unable to diagnose. As a result, he is living with an enlarged head and deep-set fine eyes condition.


Medics Reveal His Condition To Be...

Doctors reveal that his condition, which may be Jacobsen syndrome, is one of the reasons that has caused him to walk abnormally. He also has difficulty while he stands. Apart from this, he is also unable to grow more than a thin strip of hair on top of his head.


He Works As A Labour

Hailing from a poor family, life has been tough for this young man as he earns just £50 a month as a labourer. Due to less income, he is unable to visit a specialist who could help diagnose his disorder.


People Make Fun Of His Looks

He is cruelly nicknamed as ‘alien' due to his strange and big head. He claims that many people dislike him due to his looks. Most of the times he pays no attention to the negative talk but revealed that people's taunts hurt him.


He Wishes To Lead A Normal Life

Anshu wishes to get aid from the government or funds from people for his treatment so he can live a normal life. He hopes to get married in the future and have a family.

We wish him good luck for his recovery. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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