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He Had A Vasectomy, Yet His Wife Became Pregnant!

Becoming pregnant can come as a huge shock, especially when you are not willing to have any more kids.

The first option that a couple thinks about when it comes to preventing pregnancy is barrier method. While some are done with using condoms, the brave ones opt for vasectomy and other methods to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

But what happens if these precaution options fail and yet you become pregnant?

Well, this is what happened in this couple's life when the husband got a vasectomy and yet ended up making his wife pregnant.

Check out the details of the entire case below.


The Couple Had Decided To Not Have Kids Anymore

The couple who hails from Taipei had decided to stop having babies since they already had three children and they could not afford to take care of more.


The Couple Decided To Have Vasectomy

The couple decided that the husband would undergo a vasectomy so they could still continue enjoying their sex life.


The Couple Got A Surprise

Within 2 years of the man getting the vasectomy, the wife realised that she was pregnant again, despite the surgery. The couple believed that the vasectomy had failed and continued with the pregnancy.


The Doctors Made A Unique Discovery

When the gynaecologist realised that the vasectomy had failed she asked them to check with the urologist who had done the surgery on the husband. When he checked the reports he was shocked to find out that the husband had exceptionally strong sperm and as a result it could swim very well and the wife was very fertile. As a result, the wife had become pregnant.

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Story first published: Wednesday, May 8, 2019, 17:39 [IST]
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