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A Rare Condition Makes A 25-year-old Look Like A 12-year-old

We all wish to look young throughout our lives but what happens if we never grow up at any point in time?

Well, this is what happened in this man's case where a young man named Tomasz Nadolski who suffers from a rare condition makes him look like a 12-year-old boy!

Check out the details about the rare condition that Tomasz Nadolski suffers from.


He Suffers From A Rare Cruel Disease

Tomasz Nadolski is a 25-year-old man from Wroclaw, Poland. He suffers from a rare and cruel disease which makes his life a living hell. The condition has left him stuck in the little body of a 12-year-old boy.


His Health Problem Started At A Young Age

It is reported that Tomasz Nadolski started facing health problems when he was just seven years old. As a kid, he couldn't keep any food down as he would throw up after every meal. He would experience excruciating pain in his stomach, hands and feet all the time and as a result, he lost a lot of weight and kids around started teasing him and called him a walking skeleton.


It Took 16 Years For Doctors To Diagnose His Condition

Doctors could not figure out what was wrong with him for 16 long years. While they were trying to figure out his condition some of them even claimed that his problems were mental rather than physical.


The Rare Disease

According to doctors, Fabry disease can affect many parts of the body including the kidneys, heart and skin. This condition is a result of the build-up of a particular type of fat, known as ‘globotriaosylceramide', in the body's cells. According to medics, this is a type of lysosomal storage disorder.


He Cannot Eat

As he suffers from severe stomach problems, it means that he cannot eat and instead needs to take a drip for 20 hours a day. Apart from this, he also needs to take many painkillers, and also include morphine patches, that would help him cope with the pain. Due to his condition, his feet are so deformed that he has to wear special shoes and he also has constant joint pain.


His Medical Expenses Are Free Of Cost

Since his medical condition is so rare that the manufacturers of this expensive treatment have agreed to provide him with the drug free for a lifetime. Now he currently lives on benefits that are worth £160 a month while his medicine, on the other hand, costs him around £170,000 a year.

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