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    Woman Almost Goes Blind After Sleeping With Mascara For 25 Years!

    Everybody loves makeup, and the real task is when you need to get rid of the entire makeup as it has its own set of pros and cons.

    However, what happens when you become lazy and let your makeup stay on? A new pimple or an eye infection is one of the most common things that happen when you leave your makeup on for a more extended period of time.

    Theresa Lynch

    This case of a woman who had the bad habit of letting her mascara stay on for over 25 long years almost went blind

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    The damage done to her eye was so severe that her case is now being shown to people who love to have makeup on for hours!

    Check out the story of Theresa Lynch and her case of leaving mascara on at night.


    She Felt Discomfort In Her Eyes

    The woman named Theresa Lynch is 50 years old, and she started feeling some buildup on her inner eyelids. Her eyes were irritated and discharged fluids. She visited the doctor when she felt discomfort on the underside of her eyelid.


    She Was Suffering From Conjunctival Concretions

    When doctors examined her eyes, they learnt that she was suffering from conjunctival concretions, which is also known as small calcified bumps or lesions.


    The Condition Had Got Worse

    The doctors revealed that the particles of the mascara that she had been using for the past two decades were slowly getting embedded so deep that particles were building up on top of each other.


    She Almost Turned Blind

    Doctors reveal that she almost went blind in this condition as she was not washing her mascara off properly. This practice of hers has been there for more than two decades, and they claim this was the result.


    They Had To Operate Her Immediately

    According to the doctors, the lumps in her eyes posed a severe risk to her vision. It needed immediate attention as there were many chances of losing her eyesight and in a 90-minute procedure, the doctors were successful to remove them.

    So, the next time you have your mascara on, think about its consequences.

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